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May 31, 2014

tell me what to buy

note: this post is NOT sponsored by lulu & georgia.

a few months ago, i won an instagram contest held by one of my favorite online retailers: lulu & georgia. actually, it was so many months ago that i don't even remember what picture i won for or why. eeps.

but! the most important and exciting part of winning was the prize: $100 credit at lulu & georgia to spend as i wish! happy dance!

i was saving the credit because we initially planned to spend it towards dining chairs or a dining room rug. once those were purchased elsewhere (see here and here), i still had the lulu & georgia credit hanging around.

sooo, i contemplated a couple of throw pillows for the ainslie sofa -- to integrate the purply-maroon color of the new dining room rug into the front room.

Apr 24, 2014

vintage kilim dining room rug

well, the dining room is still a work in progress, but we finally chose a rug!

Apr 9, 2014

repotting cacti

this story starts with an empty bowl.

side note: i got this particular dish at goodwill for pennies. i love finding bowls, cups, and other random tableware to use as planters for cacti, succulents, and air plants.

Mar 29, 2014

bertoia-style side chairs
in the dining room

i had high hopes when our new chairs arrived for the dining room. 

i love the look of them, but...
well, keep reading.

Mar 21, 2014

hague blue in the dining room

hi friends! long time, no see. we're twelve weeks in with the little one and he loooves waking me up at night. despite my lack of sleep, i decided to take an afternoon and paint the dining room. because...why not?

Jan 4, 2014

the DIY dining table is DONE

we can ooh and aah over baby H for days, but now it's time for you to meet fish's other baby: the DIY farmhouse dining table he worked so hard on! 
fish did an AMAZING job building it.

what was our path to this glorious piece of furniture?
read on.........

Jan 2, 2014

goals for 2014

happy new year!!

we've welcomed our little munchkin into the world -- and i'm in a totally polar opposite frame of mind than last year. last january was about organizing and participating in apartment therapy's january cure (you can read about my progress here, here, here, and here).

this january we're all about survival.

...but one thing i did find extremely useful last year was making a list of home improvement-related goals for 2013. it helped us focus our energies on projects we felt added value to our house or just plain made us happier.

Dec 18, 2013

update on the dining table IV

look! it's a(n upside-down) farmhouse dining table!
do me a favor and ignore the giant mess, please.

Nov 30, 2013

a(nother) yellow and white christmas

christmas last year took an unexpected turn towards yellow and white -- inspiration struck while i was standing in the christmas lights aisle at the hardwood store. in hindsight, our holiday color palette was only natural, given the tree's proximity to our yellow and white polka-squared dining room.
click here to read more about our fancy chandelier!

last year, i was aiming for mostly homemade decorations. it was our first christmas in this house and i didn't want to go buckwild buying seventy-two-million ornaments. i wanted our collection to grow naturally, year by year.

Nov 20, 2013

update on the dining table III

fish is making significant progress on the diy dining table -- i think it may get finished before the new baby gets here...wahoo! time to start planning his next project, haha!

the last time we spoke, fish was sanding the completed tabletop...and i nearly broke his back. bad wife!

he didn't get any more done for a couple weeks due to his intense work schedule. but! when he continued, he was able to bang out the table base in just a couple days.

Nov 2, 2013

placemat shopping

let's talk about family dinners.

we don't make mealtime as much of a big deal as it should be, as i always thought it would be. with fish's crazy hours, we're only home as a family during dinnertime maybe half of the week. maybe.  

also, i'll take some blame: i'm a terrible cook. sometimes my meals turn out edible. sometimes not. i just don't get excited about cooking like i do about crafting.

however! with the brand new dining table fish is building us, i am absolutely going to make family meal time a priority and in order to do that......we need placemats. not what you were expecting, right? but, i want to protect what fish has been working so hard on. ...also, i probably need to take some cooking lessons.

in case you've forgotten, this is our dining room, with screamingly bright yellow polka-dot walls:

Oct 26, 2013

update on the dining table II

sorry for the crappy phone pics in this post -- there was sawdust a'swirlin' and i didn't want to risk getting particles all up in my good camera.

last week, the wood for the dining table fish is making us -- pine for the base and white oak for the tabletop -- was laying on the floor of our garage.
after admiring ignoring it for a week, fish's schedule cleared up and Construction Day Numero Uno was upon us!

Oct 9, 2013

update on the dining table

we've made a wee bit of progress with the dining table...

of all the plans we were scouting out, we ultimately decided on ana white's farmhouse table. we liked the shape the best and it doesn't seem that difficult (for fish) to build.

we were having a hard time deciding between regular ol' dimensional lumber or springing for the nice stuff. we ended up doing a combination: pine for the legs and super-beautiful white oak for the tabletop.

Sep 12, 2013

a new dining table
(planning stages)

so. we need a dining table. this is our current situation: an eight-year-old dinette set from our apartment-living days.
click here for more info on the chandelier...

and of course i want fish to build the new dining table for us. he's quickly becoming known as the neighborhood handyman so he's got to keep his image up. ;)

Jul 23, 2013

thrifted trinket dishes
become succulent pots

what to do when one has an overwhelming urge to buy every cute little trinket bowl she runs across?

repurpose them into succulent and air plant pots, of course!

the fun part: thrifting for bowls. most of the dishes i've scavenged are quite shallow -- succulents and air plants are just about the only things i could realistically put in them.

May 4, 2013

i love me some houseplants

i talk about flowers all the time because i love them so much. but, i also think our home would not be complete without a healthy dose of greenery. after accidentally killing our houseplants by giving them sugar water (Death by Mold), the place was feeling a bit barren. this, combined with the fact that spring is here and there are all sorts of plant-icular temptations begging to come home with me, means i've been snapping up leafy gems left and right. plants really do add so much life to a home, cheesy as it sounds.

just how plant-crazy have i gone??

read on...

Apr 25, 2013

hanging the dining room chandelier

after much hemming and hawing -- only a year's worth! -- we finally settled on a light fixture for our yellow polka-squared dining room:

it's time to hang this bad boy.

Apr 16, 2013

choosing a dining room light

please meet the hole in our dining room ceiling. he's almost a year old!
happy birthday hole!

this is what used to live there:

Feb 25, 2013

crazy rabbit lady...

my grandmother has told me many times in my life that a rabbit in each room of the house is lucky. i blindly believed her. that'll teach me -- trust no one, not even your own grandma! ...or at least MY grandma.

i painstakingly made sure there was a bun somewhere in every room. then, i took pictures...edited the pictures...and sat down to write this rabbity post. i thought i'd better get my facts straight and proceeded to look up the story behind this bunnytale. heh.

...i can't find one darn reference to a house full of bunnies being lucky.
ta-da! i am now a crazy rabbit lady.

luckily, i love rabbits.
so i'm keeping all my little guys.
...would you like to meet them???
(creepy crazy rabbit lady voice)

Nov 28, 2012

putting the tree up

it's officially christmas season, right??

time for a giant mug of piping hot, extra-rich hot cocoa!

time for heartwarming christmas movies that teach important life lessons!

time for the {straight no chaser} holiday album on repeat for a month straight! 
okay, i lied. i've been listening to their holiday album since two weeks ago.
time for christmas cards!
i haven't started yet!

we need to get the tree up STAT.