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Jan 20, 2013

january cure update II

i have to admit this was a semi-easy week for me with regards to january cure.
   mostly because i skipped a bunch of stuff.

but, don't worry -- i still got a lot done.
so i don't consider myself fallen off the wagon just yet...

Jan 4, 2013

organizing K's toys...
and the january cure

i'm on an organization MISSON...in january...along with the rest of the world.
i feel like the most predictable person on the planet.

can i help it? every ad i see or hear is shoving fifty-gallon totes down my throat. and i am WAY susceptible to advertising. of course i want to organize.

so i broke out the label-maker and ((more)) shoebox bins...
and started with K's toys.


Sep 18, 2012

K's bed:
behind the scenes

fish has been hard at work the past few weeks getting all the pieces sanded for K's new bed!

...and THIS is the disaster area our garage has been
while he's been sanding up a storm.

a fine layer of sawdust covering absolutely everything...

Jul 31, 2012

cleaning schedule

when we moved from a tiny apartment to a ((relatively giant)) HOUSE, my time spent cleaning seems to have multiplied tenfold. it's astonishingly easy to let our home become a mess...but i just can't live like that.

if i don't keep up with the dust and clutter, i become overwhelmed -- and instead of tackling one task at a time, i start trying to ignore it. that never works. the mess accumulates until i reach my tipping point -- this is when i go into a cleaning frenzy. and when it's all over, i vow never again to let our home get so messy.


to make things easier for myself, i decided to make a weekly cleaning schedule. this way, i spend maybe an hour a day cleaning.
   that's not so bad.

once i get the day's tasks done, i feel a sense of accomplishment and don't stress about continuing to clean because those tasks are for another day.

Apr 20, 2012

how does this happen??!

the previous homeowners completely gutted the kitchen when they remodeled so i know for a fact the grime inside the oven can't be more than five years old. how does it get to this stage in less than five years???

Apr 17, 2012

warning: extreme nastiness ahead!

it was a busy weekend for us - after spending a few days painting and insulating, we finally moved INTO the house!


there wasn't much time for cleaning before moving in so that has kept me extremely occupied. i open drawers, expecting they'll need a cursory clorox wipedown...
 ...and instead find THIS nastiness...