May 12, 2014

powder room reno:
the floor

why, hello, strangers! sorry we've been so absent from blogging lately. we're still trying to get used to being a family of four. it turns out our newest member isn't a big fan of sleep -- and i'm beat trying to keep up with him. meanwhile, fish is winning all the bread for our family and making sure K still gets plenty of attention.

in house news, our powder room renovation has finally started --
from the bottom up!

this renovation was meant to be a quick refresh, but it has turned into a full-blown "replace everything but the toilet" kind of situation.

our fish's immediate attention was turned towards the floor. some of the old tiles were cracked and the grout was crumbling in several areas. most of the tiles were so loose that fish was able to pry nearly all of them off whole.

*** lots of demo pictures coming up, stick with me... ***

next came removing the toilet, sink, and rest of the tiles.

fish then removed the old cement board:

once the cement board was gone, he had to replace a few rotting planks.

demo complete!
ready for a new subfloor and cement board.

shopping for mortar:
K looks so big now that there's a new baby in the house. :(

laying down the new cement board:

time for tile.

from the beginning, we wanted white hex or white penny tile. we headed to a local reuse warehouse with a healthy selection of reclaimed building materials (i believe it's similar to habitat for humanity's restore, but i've never been to one to know.) to check out their stock.

lots of square and subway tiles...

we almost scored on white hex tile for $1/sq ft...but the warehouse didn't have quite as much as we needed. sad face. we contacted the manufacturer to order one more box, but (as we expected) they couldn't guarantee that the new tiles would exactly match the reclaimed ones.

sooo we ended up buying new tile for as cheap as we could find it, a little over $5/sq ft.

we found the tile company's slogan a little over-the-top.
 improving lives, really?

fish working meticulously...


we chose light gray grout:

it took fish a few hours to grout.

here's the finished floor:

fish is, of course, not totally satisfied with it, perfectionist that he is. 

i think it looks exactly like it did in my dreams.

next installment: the walls. 
or maybe the door.

depends on what we fish gets done. :)

update: see progress on the walls and ceiling!

* mari


  1. Looks great! Love the tile! It reminds me of my first apartment.

  2. I want this same tile! Can you tell me where you got it from?

    1. hi Brandi! the best price we could find was at lowe's online.

  3. Love the floor, has it improved your life? LOL I can't wait to see the finished room although I hope you're leaving that stunning wall color!

    1. we're not! the deep blue was my temporary solution to the boring beige it was when we moved in. (there are nice beiges that are still interesting, but the old bathroom color was not one of them!) we're actually painting the bathroom...black. eek! :)


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