May 15, 2014

a handful of air plants

i posted this picture on instagram and a few people were interested in the hands the air plant was nestled in:

it's actually the helping hands catch-all dish from urban outfitters (currently on sale for $7!) -- not a planter at all! i've talked about this before. for air plants, there's no need to drill holes in the dish. it's fine that the cupped hands are so shallow. air plants have very minimal needs -- they really are the easiest houseplant ever. they require a surface, air circulation, and the teeniest bit of water -- i submerge my plants in water once a week for ten minutes and they're happy.

another place i've put air plants lately is the hanging glass terrariums from cb2:
though filler isn't necessary, it looked a little bare with just the air plants in my vessels so i used a variety of rocks, wood slices, and moss to add some interest.

i had a lot of wood slices left over so i also display a vase filled with them.

here's one of the hanging terrariums -- i have three altogether. i'm waiting for fish to hang them in our hard-as-rock plaster walls. it's item #5607 on his to-do list. :/
i don't know why my hand looks all wonky. side note: isn't that cast iron wall hook cute? also from urban outfitters. $6! the only downside is that it didn't come with matching screws so i'm going to have to break out some spraypaint to camouflage some plain ol' silver ones.

you can see part of the completed hanging terrariums along the top -- and the helping hands trinket dish as well, obviously. they're all clumped together on a table now while the powder room is being renovated. the succulents along the bottom of the picture are fake, from joss & main.
do you spy the colorful bloom on my air plant?

so tiny and delicate!

p.s. if you want to see more of my flowers and plants, find me @meandering_mari on instagram!

* mari

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