Apr 24, 2014

vintage kilim dining room rug

well, the dining room is still a work in progress, but we finally chose a rug!

we hung the chandelier last year. fish built the table. i painted the walls. we chose new chairs -- though we're still not sure if they're staying. the last major element left was buying a rug.

i was infatuated with the idea of a vintage kilim. i thought the pattern and colors would hide stains well and the flatweave meant crumbs wouldn't get lost in the pile. aka it could be vacuumed easily.

fish didn't want to spend a lot on it since we have a toddler and a baby...and i would be happiest if the rug wasn't in pristine condition -- in case something spills on it, we won't freak out. we aren't planning on abusing the rug, but life happens and we're fully expecting that. especially with two boys.

i scoured the internet, we went to rug shops, we searched high and low! the size of the room (9.5 x 10') made it difficult -- we needed nearly a square rug.

in addition, many tribal rugs seem to have a lot of red in them. i was looking for a rug with more nontraditional colors (green or purple) that also incorporated blue since the walls are a deep navy and the neighboring front room sofa is a dusty teal.

i finally found the perfect rug at the perfect price on etsy -- here are the listing pictures:
the dimensions are 73.5 x 93". i think its odd size and imperfect condition worked in our favor, pricewise -- it was less than $300 (!), significantly less than other rugs we looked at.

we ordered the rug and it arrived from turkey two weeks later, exploding out of a tiny box:

first look, getting excited...

aahhhhh, i LOVE it!
...it's growing on fish. :)

you can see just how flat it is here:
the scratchy wool is perfect for under a dining table. it's definitely not cozy enough to lounge around and play matchbox cars on -- not this one at least.

there are a couple of holes -- only adds to its charm, in my opinion! :)

now, all the room needs is art...

* mari


  1. Love the room! Which etsy shop did you buy the rug from? Sorry if I missed something in the post but I couldn't find a link.

    1. hi Noel! I found the rug at buglem shop on etsy. he has tons of vintage rugs stocked at a wide range of prices. :)


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