Apr 9, 2014

repotting cacti

this story starts with an empty bowl.

side note: i got this particular dish at goodwill for pennies. i love finding bowls, cups, and other random tableware to use as planters for cacti, succulents, and air plants.

...actually, i guess it starts even further back -- with our cherry trees from last year. remember them?
sadly, poor stella didn't survive. we went to a local nursery last week to see if they had fruit trees in stock so we could replace it.

there weren't any cherry trees yet -- but i remembered my empty bowl and we stopped by the greenhouse to pick out some small plants for my little wooden dish.

fish and i chose this beauty. i'm sure he's common, but i've never seen a cactus with marroonish-red thorns before. so pretty.

k picked out two smaller succulents to round out the grouping.

i started repotting when we got home and -- DER -- the larger cactus i love so much is way too big for such a shallow dish. 

but! i found another old thrifted pot that ended up being perfect for him!

by the way, to repot thorny cacti like this one, i use gardening gloves and folded newsprint:

the bowl i was originally trying to fill was still lacking so BACK k and i went to the nursery. he picked out two more little cacti for the shallow wooden dish.

...and also this guy, who reminds us of a hash brown. 
k named him "drumroll."

he was repotted in yet another thrifted dish. :)

i just love having plants all over our home...and i don't have a green thumb by any means. i try to choose hard-to-kill plants like these cacti and succulents. i'm also a big fan of air plants, dracaena, jade, bamboo, philodendron, and zz plants.

what do you have in your house?

p.s. i'm still getting used to posting on a semi-normal basis now. please forgive me if i'm not quite on a regular schedule yet!

* mari


  1. Regular schedule? What's that? ;) I love succulents too because they're harder to kill and they're about the only ones I have around the house. I love the maroon in that cactus and your tip on using the gloves and newspaper is smart. I always avoided them for fear of touching them!

  2. These are so cute! I have so many teeny tiny dishes that I would love to do this with. What kind of soil do you use, how do you provide drainage, and how do you water them?

    1. hi! i use cactus soil. i put a small collection of tiny pebbles at the bottom for drainage -- and i water maybe every two to three weeks? whenever they look dehydrated, before they start falling in on themselves. I just flood the dish with water and let it soak in and they're good for another couple weeks! :)


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