Apr 2, 2014

darling magazine

have you heard of darling magazine? it's all about the art of being a woman -- and only the most gorgeous publication i've laid eyes on in my entire life.

every time i sit down to peruse the hefty and oversized pages is a treat. i leave reflecting on my life, inspired and determined to be a better woman.

each issue of darling magazine proceeds section by section -- from the dreamer to the achiever to the explorer (and more), there's something that speaks to every reader.

the articles are thoughtful, the images are inspiring, the overall message is empowering. darling's mission statement:

don't you feel like leading a revolution after reading that??

it's a quarterly print magazine -- which means i have to wait a whole three months until the next issue! i'm trying to savor the pages...

darling is a refreshing and welcome addition to my reading pile.
you can check it out here.

this post is not sponsored by or otherwise affiliated with darling magazine. i purchased it with my own money and i wanted to provide my thoughts on an excellent publication.

* mari


  1. That looks like such a lovely magazine :) I love all the handwriting type fonts in their mission statement :)


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