Mar 6, 2014

lillangen laundry ikea (quasi)hack

the last time we talked, i revealed the meager beginnings of a basement playroom...and mentioned i'd come back to talk about a mystery cabinet along the south wall:

here's a full frontal:
these are two ikea lillangen high cabinets, arranged side-by-side.

it just so happens the lillangen cabinet is the perfect height, width, and depth to catch our dirty clothes from the laundry chute! ...and there's a lot of it these days with a two-month-old, let me tell you...

we used to just have a laundry basket sitting under the hole in the ceiling. nothing i want guests (or our guest's children, this being the new playroom and all) seeing.

hole in the ceiling:
okay, so maybe this is more of a quasi-hack. it didn't take much to convert the lillangen to our needs.

when fish was assembling the lillangen cabinet...
oh, ikea!

...we realized we couldn't just leave the top off -- it was needed for stabilization. instead, he cut the middle out of the top square piece with his miter saw and screwed in the ends only, leaving a hole that lined up with the chute.
we did the same with an inner shelf right in the middle:

the two lillangen cabinets were an investment of around $220. really, we only needed one, but thought it would look stark by itself along that little expanse.

we were able to scoot the cabinet directly up against the wall since the legs are offset a bit and allow room for the baseboard molding.
we wanted it against the wall so fish could anchor it -- especially because it's in the playroom. it's not going anywhere.

the other side has shelves. we haven't decided if we'll use it for surplus laundry supplies or for extra storage in the playroom. or both. 

here's how the playroom looks with the laundry cabinet in place:

still a lot of work to do, but coming along nicely. we're hoping to install closet shelves and transfer the toys this weekend. eeeee!

* mari
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  1. This article causes me an odd sensation, awesome and boring at the same time!!

  2. what does opening/entry area of the chute look like--I mean the area outside/above the play area?


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