Mar 21, 2014

hague blue in the dining room

hi friends! long time, no see. we're twelve weeks in with the little one and he loooves waking me up at night. despite my lack of sleep, i decided to take an afternoon and paint the dining room. because...why not?

if you recall, this is what the dining room looked like before.

i spent hours of my life stenciling on those tiny polka squares...and i still love what i did. it was happy and whimsical -- it just wasn't practical for decorating around. we couldn't be bold in any decorating choice within eyesight of the dining room because those polka dot walls commanded all the attention. lesson learned.

i first debated painting the walls white. i thought flat-finish walls and glossy moulding would still provide dimension and the room would look modern and cool

here's a phone pic of the first coat:

fish hated it. 

what else could i try? well...i had been wanting to use farrow & ball hague blue for ages. this was the perfect opportunity. it's dark, it's bold.

i ordered a gallon and it was in my grubby little hands a few days later.

...and look how well it coordinates with our sofa in the front room. fate.


it's quite thick/gelatinous in texture, but still easy to paint with.

i was a liiiiiittle nervous about the color in the can...but look at how dark it dries! this is wet paint on the left, dry paint on the right.
(phone pic)

while i do looove the color, it ended up looking more traditional than i was going for. maybe due to all the molding? i want to throw a kilim rug in there to mix it up. i have one in my sights, just waiting for the funds...

the room so badly needs a tall tree-plant, don't you think? look at these green leaves against the wall color. swoon!
i saw some tall frond-y plants at costco -- i may go back for one. 

we're waiting on new chairs to be delivered -- in the meantime, i'm disguising the old ones with sheepskin.

i think this is the truest picture of the hague blue. it's definitely not a flat navy. it has teal tones that are obvious only when the light hits it. a very unique color for sure!
click here to see more washi-taped lightswitches. :)

how the view from the kitchen changed:

the view from the sunroom didn't change all that much...

love the sofa next to hague blue!

now that the walls are painted, the chairs are ordered, the rug is chosen...we have to hang art. stay tuned!

* mari
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  1. I was a bit sad when you decided to get rid of your beautiful yellow walls but i have to say I'm loving the change! Beautiful and bold! Nice work!

    1. thanks Maureen! it felt bittersweet, to be honest, but I love the new paint color!

  2. This looks so amazing. I can't wait to see what chairs you get.

    PS - any chance of you getting a simpler captcha? It makes it so difficult to comment on your site :)

    1. thanks, Katja! hmm, I'm not sure about the captchka -- I'd love to hear any tips on how to go about making it simpler. sorry it's such a pain! :(

    2. I really like this type: http://mathjokes4mathyfolks.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/captcha-wafc.jpg

    3. i need to sit down one day and figure how to make it easier in blogger. thanks for commenting and dealing with it in the meantime! :D

  3. I found my way to your blog from a Pinterest pin about your gorgeous gold leaf nightstand.

    I love that color blue for a dining room. I also inexplicably felt the need to paint rooms and refinish furniture when my son was a few weeks old and his sister was 5. I painted the living room and kitchen and paint stripped, refinished and painted a huge rustic pantry for the kitchen. No idea what got into me.

  4. When we painted our dining room the same color we felt like, "now we are grown up." And I was surprised at how much easier our space was to decorate- the darker walls were more of a backdrop than white had been. Love your choice!


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