Mar 29, 2014

bertoia-style side chairs
in the dining room

i had high hopes when our new chairs arrived for the dining room. 

i love the look of them, but...
well, keep reading.

i originally wanted to wait to find a set of authentic vintage bertoia side chairs, but when jenny at LGN vouched for these bertoia-style beauties, we decided to take a chance on ordering from ez mod furniture.

we were happy with ez mod furniture -- their website is easy to order from, their prices are competitive, they shipped quickly, and the chairs were packaged well.

minimal assmebly was required -- basically, attaching the seat to the legs. it took about thirty minutes for fish to put together four chairs.

we ordered only four chairs (vs six) because fish plans to eventually build a bench for one side of the table. when that happens, we can move two of these chairs to the ends of the table and have seating for six (...or seven, depending on the size of the rears occupying the bench.).

it took me about thirty seconds to scoot them into place in our newly-painted dining room and drape sheepskins across their backs. because, fancy.

that right there is my ideal dining room, save for the missing area rug and artwork. the rug is on its way and we'll decide on art after it arrives. oh, a living tree would be nice too, but i can't be too picky i guess...poor figgy.

from the back:

closer view:

perfect, right??

a few details:
velcro straps hold the seat pad in place...

...rubber stoppers protect floors and keep the chair from sliding:

the seat cradles you!

...and actually, that's the problem.

our old dining chairs had seat pads that curved up:

the difference in seat curvature became a problem -- look at the drop from table to seat with the new chairs:

the seats are too low! i'm so...deflated.
we feel like children eating at the adult table.

i'm hoping it's just us being used to the old chairs...we'll get used to eating so low, right?? fish thinks we need to cut our losses and go back to using the old chairs. 

we're still testing them out, trying to get used to the low profile...

in the meantime, there are choices about art to be made.

i'll be back soon with more updates.
or find me on instagram (@meandering_mari) for updates on the fly!

p.s. this post is not affiliated with ez mod furniture in any way.

* mari


  1. I am just so sad that the chair seats are dipping because those chairs look meant for that table. Sniffle... I think if there are any losses to count it should be the removal of an inch or two off the table... I know it hurts, but it will be worth it, I think :)

    1. we thought about that, but fish put so much work into that table i think it would be like chopping a limb off for him. i couldn't bear to insist on that idea. :/

  2. oh bummer. the view of the room is a total stunner! fingers crossed its just a simple getting used to the newness..

  3. Aww man, don't you hate when that happens?! Is there anyway to take a little off the legs of the table? It looks great regardless if you look like munchkins.

    1. YES -- i am the worst planner ever, argh. :(


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