Feb 8, 2014

the new sofa has arrived!

our new west elm ainslie sofa is finally here...and we love it!
it was actually delivered a couple weeks ago, but i'm just now getting around to writing about it. try to ignore the pack-and-play in the background (new baby, remember?)...and the sad-sack pillows. this is real life.

our whole dining room/front room area is finally starting to come together.

a better view of the new sofa from the dining room:

i tried to capture the color -- regal blue -- accurately. i would describe it as a muted, dusty teal. so pretty in real life.

did you see the beautiful legs?

i love the tufted back -- they're like adorable dimples.

the pillows we have are *okay* for now -- they coordinate well with the walls (behr wheat bread, which i still love) and i like the texture they add to the room...but i want to bring in some green to complement the double gourd lamp we won from lamps plus.
yes, the front room is currently very lamp-happy.
this is not a permanent feature.

the polka-squared yellow dining room wall in the background sure is distracting, isn't it? that's why i have plans to repaint it. not sure what color yet, possibly just plain ol' white. gasp.

i also plan on switching out the oil painting of K for something else...maybe a leaning wall mirror...maybe different art...maybe blank wall space. not sure yet. the pack-and-play is not a permanent fixture in the room.

i do still like the opposite wall, with the putting-on-my-shoes chair:

this is the view coming down the stairs...you can see we left the leather loveseat in the room for now, until we decide on chairs to replace it. we'll drag it down to the basement once we finish the new flooring.
we still need a new console table behind the sofa -- the current one is old and rickety and doesn't provide enough storage.

however, i still love the summersville lampshade i recovered last spring:
...and my zz plant is thriving, hooray! :)

i want to replace the spirograph gallery with a large oil painting...muted blue and green tones -- and maybe a splash of gold as well. after abstaining from oil painting during pregnancy, i'm itching to get started again!

SO...as you can probably tell,
there's a MIGHTY LOT up in the air about this room.

here's the most up-to-date front room mood board:
we're searching for thrifted seating, but our back-up right now is a pair of uo dagmar chairs. if we get them, i plan to recover the cushions in a neutral fabric that better meshes with the wall color and area rug.

we're taking any and all suggestions on room decor.
leave your suggestions in the comments!

* mari
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  1. That is such a pretty sofa. I can totally see why you are excited about it :)

  2. Yes, yes, yes!! Where do I start? The couch--love it! I am smitten with the color (of course, it's a hue of blue), the legs, and the tufted back. It looks great in the room. Now onto the other dozen things going through my mind as I read this; where did you get your area rug? Is the lamp on the sofa table plugged in? If so, how did you hide the cord? I second that a leaning mirror would look fab in the room! I had debated putting one in our front living room. I am super jealous of your lamp win! I never win anything THAT cool. I love the touch of green to the room. Hmm.....was that all I had on my mind? LOL No really, it is coming together very nicely.

    1. the rug is from room and board, it's super soft and so luxurious. the lamp is NOT plugged in, haha! it used to be our entryway light, but when i moved the table away from the wall, i got lazy in figuring out how to have light without a cord running across the floor.

      thanks so much!

  3. Whoa. One of my favourite color! The couch, the table, the chandelier, and the lamp, all in one place. I could imagine myself having this unique arrangement. I would like to own a small fury stool! Awesome!

    Sebastian Chuter

  4. love it! i ordered a west elm sofa that should be here next week! i ordered it before this one came out or else, i might have went with this! it's so cute and i love the tufting!

    1. ooh, which one did you get? i love the ainslie -- it's pretty to look at and comfy to nap on! :)

  5. The color of the couch is gorgeous! And I too love the dimples - err - tufting. Why would you take that painting of K down? I want to see more pictures of it - it looks amazing!

    We ordered a new bedroom set (the mid century set it acorn) from West Elm last week but it's on backorder until the end of March. I wish I wasn't so impatient!

    1. i know the feeling! i need instant gratification or i drive fish crazy, hah!

      i guess the painting doesn't have to come down, but i initially painted it to tie in the yellow from the dining room...we'll see, we'll see... :)

  6. My wife and I are considering buying this couch. Our local West Elm doesnt have it in the store. We were wondering if you had the oppurtunity to see it in person and sit on it before pruchasing it? Also do you find it to be firm and supportive or more soft and plush?



    1. hi mick! we were not able to test out in person before purchasing. i called a couple west elms in our area and neither stocked it in store. they did advise as long as it wasn't a custom upholstery purchase, we'd be able to return the sofa if we didn't like it.

      our sunroom sofa, room and board metro sectional, is VERY squashy and soft so my views on the west elm ainslie might be skewed. the back is very supportive -- you don't sink into it much at all. the seat is cushier, but not as squashy as the metro sectional. fish and i have both taken very satisfying naps on it -- no complaints! i wouldn't put the ainslie in a room for lounging though -- i think it would look out of place.

      hope that helps somewhat!

  7. Beautiful room! I'm considering the Ainslie sofa as well. What fabric did you get? I'm considering the linen weave. Katie


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