Feb 28, 2014

playroom progress

playroom?? say what?

even though it has seemed quiet on the blogfront, we fish has been busy behind the scenes whipping our basement into shape. after he finished laying laminate flooring, we made the executive decision to turn the previously useless lobby area into a playroom for our boys.

...which means we can reclaim our sunroom from the death grip of giant trucks!

and medium trucks! and small trucks!

and play food! and blocks! and...
good-bye creepy giant lego head!

i'm suffering from a bit of postpartum rage, it seems...

K is VERY excited about the new playroom.
this is just after fish finished laying the flooring:
i believe K is doing the robot there. haha.

we still need to paint. of course. i like the gray, but we have no idea what specific color it is and it's super dingy. i'm thinking bright white walls at this point, a scandinavian vibe (as scandinavian as a basement can be anyway)...let all the toy colors stand out.

i also contemplated another chalkboard wall...we'll see where we end up on that. K gets a lot of use out of the chalkboard in his room...but is that a reason to have more chalkboard walls?

view coming down the basement stairs:

fish and K picked out a nice fluffy rug at ikea:
K has already started imagining roads on it for his toy cars.

there's still a lot to do -- like, uh, move all the toys in -- but here's a full view of the room as it currently sits.

the west wall:
this is the wall we're debating painting as a giant chalkboard. another idea is to string wire across to hang K and H's artwork.

north wall -- you didn't even realize we had a bathroom down here, did you?
as you can see, we still have a lot of work to do in the stairwell too. that primer has been on the walls for months.

east wall, with view into laundry room. we fish crammed all of the basement's belongings into the laundry room while he laid new flooring so it's a bit of a mess at the moment.
the purpose of that white ikea cabinet will be revealed in a few days. or whenever i get around to writing the post. where has all my time gone???

the closet is gloriously gigantic...just waiting to be filled with toys! but first, we need to paint and install shelves.
i think we're going to go with economical (i.e. cheap!) wire shelving -- we're hoping to spend less than $150.

...and that's where we're at now. i'll keep you updated as we decide on wall color and organize all the toys!

p.s. i wrote this whole post in ten-minute intervals over three days with H on my lap and K climbing all over me. there's bound to be typos. :/

* mari


  1. That sounds like a great plan. I can't wait to see it coming together.

    1. nowhere near as ambitious as all of your plans, but thanks katja! :)

  2. Exciting, can't wait to see the end results. Playroom is on my list too but our basement is one big room (well at least the finished side is) and there's a big Man Cave vs. Play Room debate going on right now! I can see how K would think that rug was cool and I love his robot!

    1. hah, luckily our basement was already divided so there was a room for fish and a room for our boys. but really, man cave vs play room -- is there much difference? ;)


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