Jan 28, 2014

valentine's day projects

it's almost february and you know what that means:
house of cards season two valentine's day is around the corner!

this year, my hours are spent taking care of H, playing with K, or sleeping so i haven't had much time for DIYs...but here's a quick recap of last year's projects!

these painted heart stones are an easy and fun project to do with your little one. even better, you can pull them out year after year. or just leave them on your windowsill all year long. you know, whatever. 

if you recall, i was in charge of the school valentine's day party last year -- it was a hit thanks to this preschool party snack and some lovey-dovey juice boxes.

i also made these dino-riffic valentines for K to give to his friends:
you can print the tags for free here if you're giving away dinosaurs this year!

finally, don't forget to check out these easy ballerina-inspired tutu valentines i shared last week:

* mari


  1. Ahh! You reminded me of how much I adored those juice boxes! Don't kids know their mommies need some DIY time??! Apparently, both of our kiddos have missed the memo.

    1. those juice boxes were an unexpected hit -- and they are ridiculously easy to make!


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