Jan 4, 2014

the DIY dining table is DONE

we can ooh and aah over baby H for days, but now it's time for you to meet fish's other baby: the DIY farmhouse dining table he worked so hard on! 
fish did an AMAZING job building it.

what was our path to this glorious piece of furniture?
read on.........

first, there were the planning stages way back in september. we took a bunch of measurements and figured out the best dimensions for our new table.

our finished table is remarkably similar to crate & barrel's terravida, which retails for a cool $900. meanwhile, we spent less than $300 on white oak for the tabletop and pine for the base.

in one impressive weekend, fish was able to make all the cuts, drill the pocket holes, and assemble the tabletop:

while fish recovered, i debated flatware and table linens.

he then got to work on the base:

by early december, we were making choices about stains:

he applied two coats of minwax special walnut and many, many coats of poly. sanding in between. there are no pictures because by this time i was heavily pregnant and not up to waddling all the way to the garage.

next, it was time to clear out the dining room. fish and K disassembled our old dinette set -- it served us well for eight-ish years.

empty dining room, time to frolic!

i asked for at least one empty-room pic, but K still managed to sneak in. 
we see you! heehee.

finally, we bribed a Totally Awesome Neighbor with homemade ice cream to help fish move the table into the dining room.

ooh! aah!

i ended up buying serene placemats from crate & barrel. i'm digging their simplicity -- but i still reserve the right to choose more colorful table linens at some point in the future. :)

i love our fancy chandelier with the rustic-ness of the table.
please ignore our dormant dying dead figgy. :(

view from the kitchen:

view from the sunroom:

obviously, we're still using the chairs from the dinette set. fish is planning on building a coordinating bench for one side of the table. we'll buy four chairs for the other side and the ends.

i have plans to paint over the yellow and white polka square walls -- possibly to plain ol' white...so that we can hang some art! we also need to purchase an area rug. it's looking pretty bare under that table.

here's the current mood board for the revamped dining room. fish and i are still trying to agree on chairs, a rug, and art -- these are my favorites:
you can keep up with my window shopping on pinterest (username: crabandfish)art by kai samuels-daviskate pugsleyalicia silva encinagaeton caron, and eli halpinconfession: i already bought the print by kate pugsley. i love it.

the table turned out way way beyond my expectations and i can't wait for the whole room to come together around it!

* mari


  1. WOW your table is so beautiful. Such craftmanship. I love the white oak and the stain you used. What a fabulous piece! Where is the green rug from, I couldn't find it on the Pinterest board. BTW. Following!!! :)

    1. oops! it's from lulu&georgia, one of my very favorite online shops. :)

  2. I am completely in love! With your entire house. Oh and your darling little boy!

  3. Wow, I have dining room envy, nice work guys! New to your blog; I can't decided if I love the mustard polka dot wallpaper or table more. Now to find the house tour that was mentioned!

  4. Found your site through, ana-white, I love how flat and seamless you got the table to look. I am still trying to decide what style table to build myself, but the more I look at the more motivated I become. Good Job!

    1. that's thanks to all the sanding fish did -- thanks so much! :)

  5. The dining table seems like it looks so sturdy and durable. Nice job on this project.

    1. thank you! i'll pass the compliments on to fish. :)


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