Jan 20, 2014

lovey-dovey DIY:
ballerina-inspired tutu valentines

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time : minutes
difficulty :  ☆ ☆ ☆ 
would i do it again? : yep!

with all the tutus i make, i've built up quite a stash of scraps so i'm coming out of quasi-hibernation to share some adorable ballerina-inspired valentines:

...however, these tiny tutus aren't limited to just one day a year -- they can work with several sentiments like welcoming a new baby, a special birthday, or a job well done.

you can download and print the simple foldable 3x4" cards i made if you don't feel like making your own:

once printed, use a needle to poke through the designated holes:

thread string through the holes to form the waistband...

...and knot in the back:

don't knot it too tight -- leave just enough room so strips of tulle can be slid under the string.

i used white electrical tape to cover the knot on the inside of the card.

time to make the tutu!

i cut strips of tulle about an inch wide and five or six inches long.

...and started knotting them one by one onto the thread:

after trimming the tutu, i had my finished card!

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* mari


  1. How darling! What a fun way to use up scraps

  2. Are you serious? These are just tu-tu cute (sorry, had to do it!) This would also be an adorable idea to do on a girl's birthday invitation too. Awww....now I need to plan a ballerina birthday for someone!


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