Jan 9, 2014

DIY: gilded clay family

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time : minutes
difficulty  ★  ☆ ☆  
hazards : clay under my fingernails...
would i do it again? : yep!

i've been a member of whimseybox, a craft-box subscription service, for a few months now and i love the opportunity it gives me to try new creative outlets. so far, that's included string art, macrame, and now...crafting with clay.

all you need for this project are your hands, air dry clay, an emery board (or sandpaper), liquid metal leaf, and a brush. painter's tape is optional.

first, i separated lumps of clay to represent each member of our family.

working with my hands, i formed a round ball head and peg body for each person.

i pressed down at the top of the peg body to form a "bowl" for the head to sit in.

i made straight peg-bodies for my three guys, but gave myself some womanly curves. ;) 
i let them air dry overnight.

the next morning, i smoothed out the clay with an emery board. 

i wiped the figurines clean with a clean, dry rag.

then it was time to fancy up my little family! 
liquid leaf comes in all the major metallic finishes: gold, silver, copper, etc. it's thin and free-flowing -- i like to work over wax paper in case of spills. a little goes a long way.

i used painter's tape to section off where i wanted to apply the gold leaf. you could also freehand it.

liquid leaf dries very quickly -- within minutes, my family was finished and ready for display!

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note: i pay for my subscription to whimseybox and all opinions expressed in this project are my own. i have, however, included my affiliate links in the post. funds from affiliate sales go directly to supporting the maintenance and content of crab+fish. if you make a purchase using one of our links, thank you for your support!

* mari


  1. I am so excited I got a Whimsy subscription for Christmas! Love what you did with your little clay peeps. How are you even finding energy to still post lady??

    1. you did? yay, you'll love it!

      I've been crafting during naps -- nothing strenuous though, haha! ad it takes me about seven times longer to get a post published than pre-baby. sigh.


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