Dec 18, 2013

update on the dining table IV

look! it's a(n upside-down) farmhouse dining table!
do me a favor and ignore the giant mess, please.

i'm allowed to be extremely proud of fish, right?? i don't want to come off braggy, but...look at that construction!

here's the notches he was working so hard on last time:

now that the table is built, we can get to staining. wahoo! 

if you recall, the tabletop is white oak and the legs are pine -- so we had to test how the stains applied on each type of wood. fish and i both ended up liking two coats of special walnut the most.
what a difference, right??

i love the look of grayed or weathered wood, so i wanted to test rustoleum's weathered gray over minwax special walnut.

weathered gray is much thicker than i was expecting. instead of messing about diluting it and trying to stay consistent over the whole table, we're just going to be satisfied with two coats of minwax special walnut.

i definitely want to use weathered gray in the future though...maybe on a piece in our master bedroom.

now that we've made a decision, the supplies are gathered...

...the garage is clean (way to go, fish!),
and the table is waiting patiently, as evidenced by this crappy cell phone pic:

now, if only the temperature would cooperate. blerg

i totally jinxed us by thinking the table would be finished before Baby No.2 gets here. the temperatures have dropped quite low around us and we may be stuck waiting until SPRING before we fish can finish this farmhouse table.

you can see everything fish has done so far on our farmhouse dining table herehere, and here.

* mari


  1. Love it! It's coming together so nicely!

  2. Umm, heck yes you are allowed to brag about his skills! It's going to be beautiful when it's done and just think soon you will have 4 gathered around that table instead of 3;)

    1. thanks jennifer! it's still so hard for me to imagine another little kiddo running around here!

  3. That is such a beautiful table and beautifully crafted as well. You should be very proud and braggy about your man :) He did really well :) I hope the weather will cooperate soon!!!


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