Dec 26, 2013

reworking the front room

hello, hello!
how was everyone's christmas??

i'm checking in quickly today because i have exciting news: fish surprised me by ordering the piece of furniture i've been lusting after, the west elm ainslie sofa!
i love it.

it's going in our front room.
we're finally replacing our old leather sofas, wahoo!

we still need to get a couple of chairs and some new lighting.

due to the saturated color of the new sofa, i'm planning to paint over the yellow and white polka-square dining room walls.

i'm not sure what color will bridge behr wheat bread in the front room and benjamin moore silver lake in the sunroom. i may just paint it plain ol' white since i seem to be drawn lately to bright, white rooms. then i could hang some art!

after the ainslie sofa arrives, the plan is to keep the coffee table, area rug, and craigslist credenza. everything else is up for grabs. fish and i still need to agree on two sitting chairs but we're not in a rush to make the decision. arms or armless?

here's what my meager mood board looks like so far: it includes a beauuuutiful green double gourd lamp i won from lamps plus!

you can keep up with more of my front room window shopping here.

as for the neighboring dining room that will soon be getting new walls, fish has been working extra-hard on finishing the diy dining table -- and we still need to purchase chairs for that as well. aaagh!

lots of things a'changin' over here -- stay tuned.......!

* mari


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    1. thanks katja -- i can't wait until it's delivered!

  2. That is a great looking front room! What color and fabric did you get the ainslie sofa in? Thanks!

    1. hi jane, we got the ainslie in regal blue. it's a beautiful color, i tried to capture it accurately in this post: http://crabandfish.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-new-sofa-has-arrived.html

  3. We also fell in love with the Anslie sofa but haven't been impressed by the reviews of West Elm in general. How has the sofa been holding up for you?

    1. hi there! structurally, it has held up great. and it sure looks beautiful. HOWEVER, I would definitely go with a different fabric. ours is already pilling on the seat after not much use at all. It's been on my to-do list forever to get in touch with west elm about it. :(

  4. I am seriously considering the Ainslie Sofa. I am going to check the Emeryville (CA) store and see if they have it on the floor. I suspect the won't. How is it holding up for you? I know you have only had it a few months, but are you noticing anything that concerns you so far? I live alone so it is not going to get too much wear & tear, but I don't wants a sofa with a sink-hole on the cushion! How long did it take for them to deliver the sofa from the time it was ordered. Jay

    1. hi there! I really do love the sofa -- the cushion has not formed a divot, although, like you said, we've only had it a few months. but with even very minimal use, we're sad to see the fabric is pilling quite a bit on the seat. I would definitely recommend going with a different fabric. :/

  5. I'm looking at the ainslie sofa, but am hesitant because I can't sit on it. Can you tell me what the bottom cushion feels like? If you tried any other WE sofas, does it compare to either the Crosby or Peggy? I tried both of them and think they represent different levels of comfort.


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