Dec 21, 2013

our yellow and white christmas tree

i just realized i never shared pictures of our yellow and white tree this year...sooo here's where we ended up!
it's not a perfectly perfect blogger's tree, but it makes our family happy to look at it and that's what counts. :)

due to the new front room furniture arrangement, it made more sense to place our tree in the corner of the room vs displayed in the picture window as we did last year.

again, we used yellow and white lights. i placed them up and down the tree instead of round and round according to a pinterest tip i read last year. unfortunately, i don't remember the benefit of up-and-down placement...

i also brought out our old chandelier crystals again to use as light refractors (so much better than mirrors!)...

remember last year's pom pom garland that i worked so hard on?? i tried as hard as i could to untangle it, but it's an unholy mess!
i didn't feel like dealing any more with it this year so i threw it back in the christmas bin. next year, i think i'll restring it.

i pulled out the dollar-store snowflake ornaments again -- i love these so much and they were cheap-cheap-cheap! like ten for a dollar cheap.

i forgot my mother-in-law passed down her taupe-y gold ornaments to us this past summer -- they happen to perfectly coincide with our color scheme! score!

one new addition this year were these bright stripes felted ornaments from land of nod. love.

also new: our baby's miniature ultrasound ornament...

after hanging all the ornaments, last year's twisted felt garland looked too wimpy on its own (without the alternating rows of the now-tangled pom-pom garland) so i added some thick glittery ribbon to beef it up:
much better!

the last touches were the christmas curlicues i made from pipe cleaners last year:

...although K wasn't satisfied until there was a star on top. we don't have a star and i didn't want to buy one just for the sake of having one so i added a faux white poinsettia -- i like how it finishes the tree off!

i got the clip-on poinsettias from the dollar store. my initial plan was to put them all over the tree, but it was...a bit much.
i'll figure out another use for them next year. :)

i used our sheepskin rugs as a tree skirt this year -- fancy! and i wrapped gifts in white paper (that i scored during after-christmas clearance at homegoods last year!) with yellow ribbon (of which i have an industrial-sized roll).

all those details leave us with this:

...and i love it! :)

in case you're wondering why we went with a yellow and white theme, it's to coordinate with the neighboring yellow and white polka-square dining room walls:
...however (foreshadowing!) that wall color may be changing soon...

what does your tree look like this year?
do you plan a specific color scheme?
does it stay the same or change year to year?

feel free to link to pictures of your tree in the comments!
...and have a safe and merry christmas!

* mari

Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids


  1. Lovely! Where did you get your big roll of ribbon??

    I can't believe you're thinking of changing your yellow wall though! It's so cute!!

    I don't have any sort of color scheme with regards to the tree, but all of our ornaments were gifted or handmade by either me or someone in the family. I didn't even have any room for our glass round ornaments this year! We have also done a picture ornament with the year on it (almost) every year since our first Christmas together! It is so great to pull out each ornament and remember who made it or what was happening that year. Our family also does an ornament-painting contest every year so that is also a fun thing to do and remember!

    1. i love handmade ornaments, so special!

      i bought my gigantic roll of yellow ribbon online and save-on-crafts.com -- a great resource for craft supplies! :)


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