Dec 2, 2013

november in review

...and here we are, at the last month of 2013.

i say it every time, but...can you believe it's december?? where did the year go?? we kept pretty busy in november -- it was a month of plans, plans, and more plans. 

after all the work fish got done on the dining room table, i started planning some of the finishing touches. you guys had great tips on how to make family meals a priority -- keep the advice coming!

i also talked through our plans for the powder room. a mini-makeover was supposed to be completed by the end of the year, but pregnancy threw a bit of a wrench in that. oops!

we finally started planning what we need for baby number two -- specifically, i have my eye on this double jogging stroller.

in addition to planning our christmas tree decorations, i also recapped last year's christmas crafts. there's lots of fun and easy projects -- and none should take more than an hour.

we started getting ready for christmas this year with miniature ultrasound ornaments and a candy cane tutu. i have a couple more holiday crafts planned -- hopefully i'll have the energy to execute them! otherwise, i'll have to hold off on them until next year.

after all the planning we did with everything else, we somehow failed our fiddle leaf fig. i asked begged you all for help and got some great tips...

...but i think i waited too long to ask for advice -- he appears to be a lost cause for now. completely de-leafed. sob.
we're crossing our fingers he gets some new growth when the weather turns warmer again.

in the meantime, we moved him to the dining room and the christmas tree took his place. we opted for corner placement of the christmas tree this year, instead of smack dab in the middle of our picture window like last year. pictures coming soon! the front room is currently a disaster area -- i'm in full-blown decorating-for-christmas mode.

...and hastily-preparing-for-baby mode. i'm nearly 36 weeks along and finally feel like this pregnancy could be over sometime within the next millennium...i can hardly believe our family will have a new member by the time the next monthly recap rolls around!

a few favorite november instagram pics:
you can find me on instagram @meandering_mari!

finally, i just wanted to remind you of a great resource for comfy, cozy scarves: betty bee infinity on etsy. i went to high school with betty and she's a complete sweetheart. she's also very talented...i've ordered two of her scarves -- so far!
you can check out my full review here -- highly recommended. :)

* mari

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