Dec 3, 2013

simple boxwood wreath

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time : minutes
difficulty : ★ ★   ☆
hazards : blood loss via floral wire
would i do it again? : yes!

my simple boxwood wreaths were inspired by these lovelies that i happened across at home depot:
i loved the wreath, but not so much the price. i think they were selling for somewhere around $20. eeps.

as much as i tried to banish them from my mind, i couldn't stop envisioning simple boxwood wreaths hanging from the exterior lights flanking our garage:
ignore the foliage: the mums have deflowered and been planted...and the rest of that brush in the beds have withered and died.

luckily, we have boxwoods -- which i love -- so instead of spending $40ish at home depot, i figured i'd try to make my own wreaths.
they're a little out-of-control since we never bother to trim them. :)

i enlisted some toddler help to collect my boxwood trimmings.

i didn't need much more than the branches...
i found the bow at the dollar store.

22-gauge wire worked perfectly for me, but use whatever you have on hand.

i snipped the wire into approximately 2.5 - 3" sections:

i twisted the wire around each cutting and onto the wreath frame:

i kept building in that manner.

notice all of my branches face the same direction.

traditionally, the bow hangs at the top of a wreath as so:

...but i placed the bow at the bottom:

...so that i could hang the wreath from our light fixture:

after i made a matching wreath for the other fixture:

i love how festive it is!

since i didn't preserve my boxwood branches (waaay too many steps in the tutorial for a lazy gal like me), this is obviously a seasonal wreath only...but easy enough to replicate year after year.

without additional care, they should last approximately two weeks. i plan to spritz with water every day or two to keep them green and fresh-looking until christmas. 

here, the boxwood wreaths compared to the fall mums:

you could make these simple wreaths on the cheap with many different kinds of foliage -- putter around in your yard and see what you can find!

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  1. I love wreaths around garage lights and yours turned out so gorgeous. I've buy some every few years to try and they never fit right. Maybe I should consider making some like yours! Thanks for the inspiration. BTW for some reason I'm not receiving emails anymore when you post something. Here I thought you were hibernating this whole time and you've been a busy bee over here!

    1. thanks jennifer! oh, poo, i'm not sure why blogger stopped emailing the posts to you. :( i need an IT dept...

  2. I found you via Knock Off Decor and must say I am dually impressed! I love your wreaths! Our boxwoods are somewhere between 3 and 4 feet tall and desperately in need of a seriously good trimming. It might be snowing out but I am thinking I am going to make some wreathes up for our garage as the front of our house has been looking a little dismal and bleak (still have the dead plants in the pots and the flowers need deadheaded but the sparrows are feasting on the seeds still.

    Have a wonderful day!

    1. hi peggy, thanks so much for stopping by! i can't imagine the day our boxwoods are that tall -- i hope you were able to get some wreaths made in time for the holiday season!

  3. You are so talented! They look professionally done!



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