Dec 27, 2013

DIY: gilded journals
(with embossed spine labels)

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time : minutes
difficulty  ★ ☆ ☆ ☆   
hazards : metal leaf mess
would i do it again? : yes

i've kept a daily journal for the past three years. it's nothing extravagant, just a sentence or two about the day's events. i honestly wasn't sure how long i would keep it up...but three years later, i think it's safe to say i'm a Bona Fide Journalist.
who has time for pretty penmanship when memories are on the line??

all of my worldly wisdom is kept within the pages of these moleskine journals:
great quality. sturdy. nondescript.

...but maybe i'm more of a descript kind of person...

i decided it was high time to pretty up my journals.
with gold leaf, obviously.
it's kind of my thing.

first on the agenda was labeling my notebooks: i used letter stickers on the spine.
my initial plan was to paint on the adhesive over the stickers, remove the letters, then apply the leaf -- that way, the non-adhesived months would stand out among the gold leaf as the original black surface.

that's not quite how it worked out. read on...

i didn't want an entirely gold journal, so i taped off a simple pattern with blue painter's tape.

then, it was time to paint on the adhesive size:

it applies milky white -- i let it sit for 30 minutes (per the bottle's instructions) until it turned clear. 

ready for leafing!
it's a messy process.
read this post for my metal leafing tips!

remember the letters? of course you do.
i forgot to take them off before i started leafing.

but! it turned out in my favor because the stickers created an embossed label that i absolutely, positively, head-over-heels love.
so. take off the stickers if you want a plain black label.
leave them on if you want a three-dimensional embossed effect.

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