Nov 20, 2013

update on the dining table III

fish is making significant progress on the diy dining table -- i think it may get finished before the new baby gets here...wahoo! time to start planning his next project, haha!

the last time we spoke, fish was sanding the completed tabletop...and i nearly broke his back. bad wife!

he didn't get any more done for a couple weeks due to his intense work schedule. but! when he continued, he was able to bang out the table base in just a couple days.

here's fish working hard into the night in the garage.

i think he spent most of his time chiseling out the the notches on the legs.

freshly cut legs:

he clamped them together so the chiseled sections would be even on all four legs. you can see the notches marked out...

chiseling away!

i of course took a nap, as i'm prone to do -- and when i woke up, fish had completely assembled the table base. color me impressed. he's my own personal ron swanson.
p.s. we need to clean out our garage. again.

next step: staining!

while we agree the staining needs to be done outside due to the fumes, fish and i disagree on what the next step should be. i think fish should stain the tabletop and base separately, then assemble the table in the dining room. fish wants to assemble the table first in the garage, then stain, then transport the whole shebang into the house. even if it means taking the front door off its hinges.

however, before we argue our cases, we still need to test different combinations of the stains on the oak tabletop and pine legs -- more on that coming soon...

* mari
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  1. Haha, every time I move, my dad takes the door off the hinges. He swears it's just easier to do that than mess with working around the door. :) I don't get it. But I also don't move stuff. I pack and supervise hahaha.


    1. packing and supervising are important jobs too! :D


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