Nov 23, 2013

some quick and easy christmas crafts

the holiday season is mere days away!
ready to start crafting?? 

i was pretty ambitious last christmas (by my low standards anyway) and wanted to share some of my favorite crafts. they're all pretty easy and not one should take longer than an hour.

i made this festive glass block nightlight for K waaay before christmas and it stayed in his room waaay after the holidays were over. if you ask me, this is a nightlight for all seasons.

K was a little bummed about loaning one of his 10,324,765 toy cars out for holiday decorating, but he eventually came around when he saw how cute this christmas car in a jar was. as long as i promised to return it when christmas was over. and i did. now i'll have to scavenge for it again -- it was the perfect shade of yellow!

speaking of cute, i fell in love with these thrifted nutcracker soldiers i picked up at a consignment shop last year -- i love their fuzzy hair! they guarded our windowsill all season long.
okay, not exactly a christmas craft, but i had to include them. look at them. 

i took the opportunity to be a good neighbor at least once all year and threw together some christmas cocoa in a jar. pounding the peppermints was oddly therapeutic. highly recommended! and hey, you can say they're for your neighbors, but actually keep them for yourself. just saying.

time for clean up! this festive dish soap apron was deceptively easy to make -- in fact, i ended up making a plain white one too for everyday use. it almost makes washing the dishes bearable. almost.

i displayed these holiday variety vases by the sink as well -- i made them years and years ago and bring them out every christmas. they look fancy and well thought out, but all you really have to do is throw a bunch of sparkly stuff in a container. voila!

on the other end of the spectrum, i hung festive faux snow last year -- it framed our tree in the giant picture window and complemented the simple, homemade vibe i was going for.

here are some festive trees that can be made quickly and cheaply with styrofoam cone bases: my yarn-wrapped tree and glittery patchwork tree!

one of my favorite-favorite projects last year were my glistening HOs. i scored that mesmerizing yarn at goodwill -- it pays to thrift! i have a bunch left over too...what should i do with it this year?

finally, if you have $4 to spare, a holiday project doesn't get much cheaper or easier than this festive wreath for your car! seriously, four dollars.

i've already gotten a start on this year's christmas crafts -- see my miniature ultrasound ornaments and candy cane tutu! -- but there won't be nearly as many as in 2012. i have a few more i want to do this year...the question is whether i'll be up for it in this final month of pregnancy. in the meantime, you can see all my holiday inspiration on pinterest (username: crabandfish)! i scour the internet for fun christmas crafts nearly every day.

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