Nov 27, 2013

shopping for a second baby

and now...an inevitable baby post.

crab+fish isn't a baby blog, but...this is a blog about our family. and when our family expands, a baby-related post or two might pop up. 

i'm 35 weeks along and i've finally started thinking about...
the second baby is different in a lot of respects. i sort of know, for the most part, what to expect while i'm expecting. we have most of the stuff already. we especially lucked out because not only are we having another boy, but he's due at the same time of the year as K's birthday so all the clothes from our first pregnancy will still be season appropriate.

my first research went into: what's new and must-have in the four years since we've had a newborn??

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of course, with a new babe, comes the need for a second car seat. i think we've pretty much settled on the diono radian xt. it has a steel frame, a narrower-than-average width (which will be helpful to fit three carseats/booster seats in our backseat when it's my turn for K's preschool carpool), and the ability to morph from a rear-facing infant carseat to a 120-lb capacity booster. sold.

the rest of the to-buy list are items that are new to the market since K was born. or, at least, i didn't know about them four years ago if they did exist: the aden+anais dream blanket (we still have and plan to use the classic muslin swaddles), the infantino hoodie carrier cover (to pair with our ergo baby carrier), the fisher price rock 'n play sleeper, and some boogie-sucking contraption known as the nose frida (this one scares me a little bit).

now, here are some stand-bys from K's newborn days. these are a few non-standard items that we loved (obviously, based on our experience with them) -- and we like to buy them for friends having their first babies...so of course, we'll be reusing for bebe number two.
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this breathable mesh bumper was perfect for keeping K's hands and feet clear of the crib rails without risking suffocation. another necessity for us was the marpac white noise machine -- especially the first eight months of K's life, when we were living in a studio. it drowned out All Of The Noises. we got this bottle grip at our baby shower and were completely confused by it, but wow, did we end up using the heck out of it! it's initially convenient to prop the baby's bottle up if you need to, say, fold the laundry. later, it became useful when K couldn't quite hold a bottle, but could hold the wide, squashy bottle grip. lastly, the jj cole bundle me made the freezing midwest winter a whole lot toastier for our newborn. they have a toddler size too, which came in handy for fall and winter runs with my little guy in the jogging stroller.

next, all those not-fancy items a little one needs...

the in-my-dreams purchase: the bob revolution dualie jogging stroller. we have the single and it is probably my most favorite baby-related purchase ever. ever-ever-ever.

...and finally, of course, a small present from the new guy to K...
hey, we're willing to try whatever it takes to minimize the jealousy.

do you have anything to add to our list?
is there something vital we're forgetting?

have a safe and happy thanksgiving! 

by the way, none of the product links in this post are affiliate or paid-for links. i got most of the items from amazon.com, but tried to link to the brand's website when possible.

* mari
Adorable girls’ clothes on zulily.com


  1. The snot sucker is my new go-to shower gift! Seriously, the nose bulbs have nothing on this thing. The bulbs scare me because where does all the stuff go to? EXACTLY. With the sucker you can see and wash it out and you know it's clean PLUS since you don't insert it in the nose you don't irritate and make their sinuses more swollen. Seriously, you'd think I worked for this company. PS. Can't believe you are only weeks away from the big day!

    1. just the phrase "snot snucker" makes me gag! i'll get over it when the time comes...or make fish do the snot sucking, bleeeeeegh...lol!

      i'm just weeks away, but my GOD do these weeks still feel like an eternity!!

    2. I have and love both the snot sucker and the rock n play. My second guy was born 6 months ago and just like you, we had almost everything left over from guy #1. I got him some new extra soft washcloths but that was pretty much it. I did get a Phil & Teds double stroller though and am totally completely in love with it. Seriously the best. Good luck!

    3. thanks so much, anna! i just set up the rock and play today -- man, was that annoying, haha! congrats on your still-newish bundle of joy! :D


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