Nov 9, 2013

powder room mini-makeover

the powder room mini-makeover is a project we wanted to address by the end of the year. HA. with a baby on the way, it's looking like we won't tackle this project until next spring at the earliest.

before any re-tiling or beadboard-ing takes place, there are a few tiny updates we made to satisfy us during the waiting period...

this is what the powder room looked like when we first moved in. 
it was perfectly okay, but a little too bland and boring for us.

we didn't have the money to do a grand makeover right after we moved in...but i was able to paint. i used behr vintage velvet to add some drama to the tiny powder room.

...and, of course, washi-taped the switchplate. of course.
see the rest of our washi tape switchplates here!

i painted a fun gold and white chevron design on the back of the door...

...and i stained the front of the door:

then, we got new windows, which made a huge difference in powder room.
goodbye frosted glass!

however, even after all these improvements, we were still left with cracked tile, disintegrating grout, and a dingy ceiling. in addition, the light fixture, faucet, and other hardware were not our style...at all.

also...the pedestal sink:
in theory, i like pedestal sinks. but, they're not very practical. 

remember the plans we made for the powder room way back in january?? we've made a few purchases, but nothing has actually been done or installed yet. eeps.

my vision for the powder room is gray, white, and gold -- like this or this -- with some loud wallpaper thrown in. yep, after beadboarding the bottom half of the walls, i still want a crazy wallpaper on top. we'll see where this ends up. i think fish is more into the idea of painting than wallpapering.

our plans include retiling the floor, most likely in a classic black and white hex tile. or maybe white penny tile? or what about marble hex

we'd like to panel the ceiling -- it's uneven and i don't think just a paint job will cover up all the imperfections. i'm not sure if adding crown moulding will be overkill -- should we just install a simple piece of trim? hmm...

as for the pedestal sink, we actually already impulse-purchased a new vanity...way back in june! it was the last one in stock and we got it on clearance. it's still sitting in our garage, waiting to be installed.

i want to spraypaint the vanity handles gold to match...

my dream faucet fish surprised me with: kohler purist in brushed bronze!
*angel chorus*

i found a similar finish in these amerock toilet paper and hand towel holders -- it's a pretty good match in real life. 
one thing that has bugged me since we moved in is how the hand towel bar is allllll the way over by the window. i want fish to install this simple holder right next to the sink.

i'd love to find a simple round gold-rimmed mirror for over the vanity. i may end up somehow rigging the one we have now...hmm...

we want to remove the over-toilet cabinet and install open shelving in its place -- with baskets for hand towels and extra toilet paper. maybe a plant or two. and some tchotchkes (hardest word ever to spell).

finally, we'll need a new light. we're planning to cheap out on this, but i'm not sure of our general direction yet. i know i definitely want something gold, maybe like this, this, or this (but gold).

whew! i think that covers everything.
we'll keep you updated on any progress.

in the meantime, you can keep up with our powder room plans on pinterest!

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  1. Great plan!! I love all your choices. That wall color is awesome. I can't wait to see it coming together :)

    1. thanks Katja! I'm hoping it comes together sooner rather than later. :)

  2. Yes, yes on the loud wallpaper! I love that in small powder rooms. The wall color you went with is great. I wish we could go that dramatic in our powder room but we don't have any windows in there. I'm thinking being able to see in a bathroom is probably a good thing. BTW Your gold obsession is starting to run off on me.

    1. muahahahah!! now you will be obsessed with spraypainting everything you can gold -- heeey, which just happens to look pretty good with turquoise...just sayin'... ;)

  3. How fun!! Small bathrooms are totally able to withstand big and bold!!! I love your design plans and think it is going to look incredible!! I'm with Jennifer...I'm favoring gold a lot more lately due to you!! :)

    1. thank you, laura! i can't wait to start going through wallpaper books...it will still be a looooooooong while though! :)

  4. what a turnaround! the fresh blue goes nicely with the stoney tile


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