Nov 1, 2013

october in review

you may have noticed posting on crab+fish slowed waaay down last month. that second trimester energy is now a distant memory. i'm 31 weeks along -- almost there! despite my desire to laze around on the couch all day, we did get a few things accomplished in october besides all the crazy halloween fun...

first, our fish's biggest project: we he made significant progress on the diy dining table -- read about it here and here.
unfortunately, his work schedule became insanely busy again at the end of october so we're currently at a stagnation point.

later in the month, i shared my thoughts in a comprehensive and honest review of rustoleum neverwet liquid repelling system. hint: this stuff is crazy cool!

finally, a small organization coup: i had five minutes to kill so i folded our plastic bags and freed up a whole drawer! sometimes, it really is the small things in life...the very small things.

we were delighted to be featured on young house love's forum foursome, interiors by kenz, shift ctrl art, and boxy colonial -- thanks for the mentions!

some of my favorite october instagram pics:
you can find me on instagram @meandering_mari!

goodreads friends may have noticed i finally finished stephen king's 11/22/63 and started on fault lines by raghuram g. rajan. have you read any good books lately?? you can find me here on goodreads.

what's coming up for november?

we-ellll, you may see posting slow even more as we get closer and closer to our baby's due date. maybe down to once a week, eeps. or maybe i'll just drop off the face of the earth and re-emerge like a butterfly in spring.

in any case, we hope you stick with us! we'll be back to crafting and home improving on a regular basis before you know it. :)

* mari

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