Nov 30, 2013

a(nother) yellow and white christmas

christmas last year took an unexpected turn towards yellow and white -- inspiration struck while i was standing in the christmas lights aisle at the hardwood store. in hindsight, our holiday color palette was only natural, given the tree's proximity to our yellow and white polka-squared dining room.
click here to read more about our fancy chandelier!

last year, i was aiming for mostly homemade decorations. it was our first christmas in this house and i didn't want to go buckwild buying seventy-two-million ornaments. i wanted our collection to grow naturally, year by year.

i started with a pile of yellow and white yarn...

...and ended up with hundreds of pom-poms!

...from which i made a festive tree garland!

i also made this deceptively-simple twisted felt garland:

i threw on some dollar store snowflake ornaments and yellow and white lights:
not too shabby.

i didn't stop there though -- my next step was adding christmas curlicues...

i went with a yellow/gold theme for wrapping gifts as well:


this year, i of course wanted to add to our yellow and white decorations. i decided to buy these bright stripes felted ornaments from land of nod. i love them so much and think they'll look right at home with the rest of our yellow ornaments and garlands.

...and i stopped by michael's last month to scope out some faux white poinsettias. i ended up leaving with these pearlescent white berry sprays instead...but i still might go back for the flowers. i think big, bright white poinsettias would be such a pretty addition to our tree. i'm not sure yet. i don't want to go overboard.

our 2013 tree pictures are coming soon...!

do you have a color theme for your tree?
do you keep it the same year after year or do you like to switch it up?

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* mari


  1. This sounds so adorable! I can't wait to see your new pics :D

  2. I love the yellow and white idea! My living room is a navy blue...a perfect pop of yellow is needed!

  3. I love your unique twist on your tree and those LON ornaments are super cute. I do a red and silver theme every year. I would love to change it but the hubby would kill me. He tends to think once you buy stuff you keep it the same for like 20 years! LOL

    1. i love your red and silver tree -- it's so festive! fish is the same way...i'm trying to figure out what i'm going to do next year when our yellow dining room walls will likely be gone and i'll be free to do whatever color theme i want on the tree...!


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