Oct 9, 2013

update on the dining table

we've made a wee bit of progress with the dining table...

of all the plans we were scouting out, we ultimately decided on ana white's farmhouse table. we liked the shape the best and it doesn't seem that difficult (for fish) to build.

we were having a hard time deciding between regular ol' dimensional lumber or springing for the nice stuff. we ended up doing a combination: pine for the legs and super-beautiful white oak for the tabletop.

look at the grain!

the meager pile of wood in our garage looks so tiny compared to fish's last project, K's big boy loft bed. believe it or not, this is ALL of the wood needed for the table.
we forgot to get lumber for a bench for one side of the table, but it's in the plans.

we also brought home some half-pint pots of stain to test:

although i love (LOVE) gray-stained furniture, it seems more appropriate for a bedroom or living room. i definitely want more of a traditional color on our dining table...but i want to see what gray layered over a traditional color will look like.

we've also started looking at chairs. i think a white molded plastic, metal, or basketweave chair would look best in our yellow and white polka-square dining room. for obvious reasons (toddler. baby.), i think we should steer clear of white fabric...though i'm still open to it if it's easy to clean. fish doesn't have a preconceived idea of what he wants. 

as for shape, i'm not really into traditional dining chairs. instead, i prefer styles similar to this or this or this with a farmhouse style table. 

here are some chairs i'm drawn to so far:
1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5

any stand outs?

you can follow along with more of my dining room musings on pinterest!

* mari

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  1. Love the idea for your farmhouse table! I like the deeper Special Walnut Stain. I think it would give it a rich tone and go well with so many of your chair choices.

    1. thanks momofnine! we still haven't tested them -- argh! soon, though... :)

  2. oh i can't wait to see how it turns out! i have been thinking of building that table but don't know how hard it would be. i love the idea of the wood with white chairs. overstock has a lot of great white dining chairs!

    1. ooh, great suggestion michelle! i forgot about overstock -- thank you!

  3. I love chairs 1 & 3... of course the priciest options. :)


  4. I am like this farmhouse table. Thanks you share this post.


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