Oct 26, 2013

update on the dining table II

sorry for the crappy phone pics in this post -- there was sawdust a'swirlin' and i didn't want to risk getting particles all up in my good camera.

last week, the wood for the dining table fish is making us -- pine for the base and white oak for the tabletop -- was laying on the floor of our garage.
after admiring ignoring it for a week, fish's schedule cleared up and Construction Day Numero Uno was upon us!

fish got everything set up...

 he leaned the planks of wood up against the wall as so:
remember these leaning boards, they come back into play later......

love the grain on that white oak!

he got the saws all ready to go outside...

...brand spankin' new blades on both, i might add:

there were some little hands present to "help out":

the first step was making the tabletop. after cutting the white oak planks to the appropriate lengths, fish started drilling pocket holes with his beloved kreg jig.

action shot!

...then started assembling the tabletop, board by board.
p.s. that's the workbench fish made last year!

major clampage:

adding the breadboard ends:

flip it over aaaand...here is the tabletop surface!
that's a really crappy phone pic that hardly does it justice. :(
believe me, there's an angel chorus.

fish started sanding the table surface...
and i hovered over him to snap this picture:

remember these leaning boards?

after snapping the sanding picture, i tried to sneak by fish, back into the house......and my gigantic tummy knocked ALL of the pine 2x4s and 4x4s square onto fish's back!!!!!! i've always been a klutz, but pregnancy really brings it to a whole other level.

i was scared sheepless that i had seriously injured my husband.

LUCKILY (thank you God - thank you God - thank you GOD), it was the lightweight pine boards and not the heavy-as-heck white oak planks that fell -- fish was not badly hurt.

but, it was definitely enough of a trauma to call it quits for the day.

so, that's where we are.

until next time...
i remain yours, The Worst Wife Ever. :(

* mari

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  1. Oh nooo. So sorry Fish. Hope he is feeling better now.

    That is a gorgeous table top. Love the white oak.

    Did I know you were pregnant? Congratulations if I haven't said it yet :)

  2. LOL....baby bumps can defintely do some damage if you're not careful. The table looks like it is coming along beautifully though!


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