Oct 19, 2013

spookyDIY: pumpkin tee

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time : minutes
difficulty : ★    ☆
hazards : you have to break out the iron
would i do it again? : yep!

K's preschool requests themed clothing instead of full-on costumes on halloween. last year, my slapdash effort was to attach pumpkin face foam cutouts to an orange shirt with double-stick tape. of course, they fell off within ten minutes.
cute while it lasted!

this year, i decided to be a bit more prepared.
yes, i could have just bought a halloween-y shirt, but what's the fun in that??

here's what i used:

tip: for projects such as these, when i don't need a lot of fabric, i shop the fat quarters in the quilting section of the fabric store.

i freehanded a pumpkin on the fusible web:
...then cut it out.

i used the fusible web pumpkin as a template by flipping it over and tracing it on the back of the orange fabric.

i repeated with the stem and green fabric.

i ironed the fusible web pumpkin onto the t-shirt.

...peeled off the paper layer...

...and ironed on -- the stem first -- then the pumpkin body.

...leaving me with:
a bit too plain...

by the way,  i meant to buy a no-pocket shirt. i thought i bought a no-pocket shirt. but, when i went to place the pumpkin, i said to myself, "what's that pocket doing there??"  i made it work. :)

i added orange ric-rac around the border of the pumpkin with fabric glue.

much better!

i made the face by cutting shapes out of mending fabric and ironing them straight onto the orange pumpkin fabric.


* mari

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