Oct 5, 2013

spookyDIY: ghost lights

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time : minutes
difficulty : ★ ★   ☆
hazards : razor blade!
would i do it again? : yes

you don't need much to make your own spooky ghost lights!
* if you don't have muslin, any kind of floppy white fabric will do.

by the way, the lights i bought are battery-operated led bulbs that are supposed to remain cool to the touch. less of a fire hazard, yah? but please...do not leave these ghost lights unattended

okay, let's start crafting:
see the seam in this ping pong ball?

i didn't get a good picture, but you want to place your scissor blades along that seam and squeeze until the ball splits open as so:
...then cut in half completely.

half-mounds of ping pong balls:

as you know by now, i'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of crafting girl -- so i cut a circle-ish shape of muslin around each ball half. if you're more exacting than i, feel free to cut perfect circles. :)

snip a small slit in the center of the muslin circle and poke a light through:

next, use your blade to cut an X in the top of each ball half...

...then slide the bulb through the X.

flip your fabric over and you have the basic ghost shape. i used the ping pong balls to give a more bulbous shape to the head (vs a deflated, sad-looking ghost) and to hold the fabric off of the lightbulb.

once hung up, you can see their shape better.

ghosts need faces though. this is where being a mother helps -- i raided my toddler's stash of foam shape stickers. if you don't have these stickers, you could also cut out circles from paper or foam and hot glue them on. or use a sharpie.


you can be done, but i wasn't crazy about the shape...so i used fishing line to define their heads a bit more:

much better!

brace yourselves for when darkness hits...


do you like?
think you'll be making any?
let me know in the comments!

* mari

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  1. These are so darling. Love your tutorial :)

  2. Seriously, love this idea! You just made me remember that I have a sting of orange Halloween lights that I purchased a few years back and never put out. Hmmm...maybe I should make some ghost light;)

    1. I like orange lights idea- even more halloweeny !

    2. i agree -- do it with orange lights!

  3. OMG- these are the cutest :-D


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