Oct 12, 2013

fancy fishnet pumpkins

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time : minutes
difficulty : ★    ☆
would i do it again? : yep!

it's probably no surprise that i'm finding my energy lacking this halloween. baby-making really zaps everything out of you. i get tired just thinking of all the spooky crafts i managed to squeeze in last year. 

so when something this easy pops into my head, i'm going for it. 

all you need are a pumpkin and some fishnet tights. oops, and scissors.
i found my fishnet stockings at target. they were $10, which sounds like a lot -- but one pair of tights should last at least four pumpkins so the price really isn't that bad.

technically, all you have to do is shove the pumpkin stem-first into the tights (hence the one-star difficulty rating). but...it's surprisingly hard to do. the stockings i bought were pretty thick, which is good because there's a lot of tugging and yanking involved. i couldn't even stop to take pictures for fear the tights would slide right off the pumpkin again.

the stem will end up in the stocking toe:

i tied a knot at the bottom of the pumpkin and trimmed off the excess:

you can leave it as so...

...or, if you feel like battling the stockings again you're feeling a bit racier, you can do another layer of fishnet to add some more interest:

i think i may do a couple more, maybe with some lacy or animal-print tights...
easiest halloween EVER...

* mari
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  1. This is so awesome! Love it. You should link it up to out Pumpkin link party :)

    1. thanks katja! that was in my plans all along....... :D

  2. This is wonderful! Love the texture. This would look so great with one of your gilded pumpkins!

    1. oooooooh, you're right amber! thanks for the suggestion!

  3. LOVE this idea! Such a great way to add a big impact!

    Thanks for linking up to the Pumpkin Parade.

  4. Love this! Such a cute Halloween idea :) Happy trick-or-treating!


  5. I had to come visit and tell you that Young House Love totally stole your idea!! I know I saw it here first =)

    1. ahh, thanks Kelly! <3 <3 the woes of being a small blog! :D


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