Oct 1, 2013

september in review

pumpkin time!

oh, how things have changed in just twelve short months! this was me and my little buddy last year, shopping for pumpkins at a local farm...
K was a bit wary of the pumpkin patch...

this year, we're expecting another little bambino...
...and i FEEL like a pumpkin. blerg.

before the spookyDIYs commence, here's a quick review of our september -- it was quite a crafty month. projects included a yarn-wrapped star, origami numbers, chili cookoff invitations, home state art, a no-sew helvetica tee, and our fall wreath. whew!
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

we started planning and calculating supply costs for a new DIY dining table:

we were ecstatic to be featured several times last month, including our gilded nightstand on centstational girl's best of diy, K's washi tape wall mural and our washi tape switchplates on remodelaholic, our scrap wood pencil holder on young house love's forum foursome, my washi tape storage on everything etsy, and my bowl from old magazines on apartment therapy
wowza! thank you for all the mentions!

i also updated our as seen on page to hopefully make it a bit easier to navigate: all mentions for a single project are now listed together.

fellow bookworms on goodreads may have noticed i didn't get a ton of reading done -- that's because i'm rereading stephen king's 11/22/63. it's good...but it's looong...

 as always, i was super-active on instagram!
here are a few of my favorite shots:
you can follow along @meandering_mari!

meanwhile, i may have decorated the blog a bit early for halloween...

but hey, i waited until the last week of september!

what are our plans for october?

well, we constantly had to battle squirrels off our porch last year -- who knew they were mad for pumpkins?? -- so we're going the faux route as much as possible this year. at least for the outdoor pumpkins.

i have a few spookyDIYs lined up, but nowhere near as many as last year.

finally, K is still MEGA into monster trucks and actually asked me if he could be one again this year. since i'm pregnant and want to expend the least amount of energy as possible only too happy to oblige, it looks like he will be re-donning his costume from last year:
let's hope he doesn't get mistaken for an oven again.

* mari

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  1. is that sunny acres in your halloween 2012 pic? i swear that wherever it is, i've been there, i remember that area you're standing in :)

    1. nope, we've never been to sunny acres -- sounds like a pretty place though!

  2. an oven?!? LOL



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