Oct 23, 2013

organizing plastic bags

see how after the jump!

does this drawer stuffed full of crumpled-up plastic bags look familiar? 

it's been a mainstay in every place we've lived.
and we have reusable grocery bags!! 

so how do we accumulate so many of these??

when i stumbled across this brilliant bag-folding pin, i immediately followed it to the source and tried it out on that plastic mess up there.

within ten minutes, i had a pile of adorable plastic triangles and an entire empty drawer to do with as i wished!

here's how easy it is:

this is life-changing stuff...
happy organizing!

* mari


  1. That;s pretty genius! I stuff mine in a closet organizer bin in our pantry. I don't know why I can NEVER get myself to throw away a plastic bag no matter how many we already have.

  2. recycle them. Please.

    1. hi slz, we tend to reuse them over and over -- but when they get too raggedy, we definitely recycle. :)


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