Oct 3, 2013

halloween roundup!

before i take some deep breaths and delve into the super-crafty months ahead, i wanted to pause and share a round-up of last year's halloween projects with you.

my personal favorite was the monster truck costume i made for K from a cardboard box:

he loved it so much, he wants to be a monster truck again this year! who am i to say no? a bloated, tired, pregnant woman. skipping out on costume-making this year sounds like a blast!

i went a little crazy on painting pumpkins last year -- who knew how addicting it could be?? this is what our porch ended up looking like:

i'm nearly positive the neighborhood kids referred to me as a pumpkin artiste the "crazy pumpkin lady." sigh.

i gave a couple of my favorites their own posts:

...and the zig-zag pumpkin i worked so hard for.

all those pumpkins were accompanied by these spooky ghost posts:
...which i'll have to add to for next year, after this baby arrives!

the porch was finished off with a spiderweb wreath on our front door. in true fashion, i overdid it from the original plan just a bit...but it ended up working in my favor!

early in the season, i tried my hand at these mummified jars -- they're insanely easy to make and super-cute so definitely put them on your to-do list this year.

halloween decor could also be as simple as turning your everyday household objets d'art into ghosts:

...or how about making some spider specimen art?
i thought about popping a few of these off and adding some different spiders in the mix. we'll see...

i made an eerie eyeball picture frame that i can't wait to display again!

lastly, if you have children in school, our petrifying preschool party was a hit with the kiddos! it included mummified juice boxes...

...pumpkin-faced party snacks...

...pumpkin bowling...

...and terrifying treat bags!

...please don't expect near as many projects this year. :)

i'll see you back here in a couple days with a fun new spooky DIY!

* mari

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