Oct 29, 2013

halloween 2013
...and the giveaway winner!

i didn't get near as involved in halloween this year as i did in 2012, but that's what happens when a little bun in the oven zaps all your energy. next year, i hope to be back with a vengeance! :)

here's a quick round-up of my 2013 spooky DIYs...and look to the end of the post for the winner of the rustoleum neverwet giveaway!

my favorite project by far this year were these adorable ghost lights. K was crazy about them too so we ended up hanging them in his room as a pseudo-nightlight. 
i'm not actually sure he'll be able to deal if we take them down. they might become christmas ghosts of the past, present, and future...

my next project was this super-easy, super-quick, super....sexy? fishnet pumpkin. this is a great solution if you're still looking for last-minute party decor!
thanks to shift ctrl art and interiors by kenz for featuring it on halloween-themed posts!

lastly, i made a pumpkin tee for K to wear to his preschool's halloween festivities. i love how it turned out and it was seriously simple to make -- no sewing skillz needed!

if you need any more last-minute ideas, please visit my petrifying pinterest board (username: crabandfish), crammed full of all sorts of halloween decor and crafts!

anod now...i'd like to thank everyone for entering our rustoleum neverwet giveaway -- and a huge thanks also to rustoleum usa for providing the prizes!

we'll be in touch shortly to arrange delivery of your prizes!

thanks so much to all who entered -- 
everyone please have a safe and happy halloween!

* mari

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