Sep 5, 2013

yarn-wrapped star

i've been spending my recent days cleaning out my craftspace -- and, in the process, discovering long-forgotten supplies...and projects i meant to do, but never quite got around to.

for example...

similar to the glistening HOs and the cheery red tree from last christmas, there's not much to this project.

if you want to give it a try, take a glance around your house for anything mediocre...like this thrifted stone star i found at salvation army for a whopping 99¢.
i originally was going to display it as-is,
but it was lacking a little too much luster.

enter: some pretty yarn.

tie a knot in back, then start wrapping.

as in the case of my pointy star, you may need the assistance of a little hot glue to keep threads in their place.

once wrapped, knot in the back to secure.

then, display!

i found it impossible to cover the middle with thread, but i like how it turned out: a little mini-star smack dab in the center.

this project took a whopping fifteen minutes -- and it sure felt good finally repurposing a thrift store find and putting some old yarn to use. 

* mari

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