Sep 18, 2013

mums, mats, and a mismatched fall wreath

for some reason, i was soo not into mums last year.
this year, i LOVE them.

even though the temperatures had yet to drop -- we were shopping in 90ºF weather! -- i couldn't resist picking up a few at the hardware store last weekend.

i put a couple of mums on our porch -- it's kind of a random arrangement for now, until pumpkins and other fall-slash-harvesty items join them.

side note: i somehow didn't realize until now that our welcome mat is too small.

...so i bought another one...and guess what?
i swear, it looked gigantic in the store. 

i returned it and then came home with this one:
much better.

in addition to the porch mums, i flanked the garage with a matching set:

i love how the addition of just a few brightly-colored potted flowers cheered up the exterior of our house.

but...our porch was still lacking something...a wreath?

i wanted to make a boxwood wreath with trimmings from our bushes, but the preservation process was a little too involved for me -- so i went to the craft store in search of some faux boxwood.

instead, i came home with silk eucalyptus and huckleberry. faux pink mums were nowhere to be found, so i grabbed some random pinkish-hued flowers and berries.
turns out...they're a completely different pink than the mums, but i'm (trying to be) okay with that. :)

mostly because i love how the wreath turned out:

to make our wreath, i used wire cutters to separate the stems, then jabbed them into the grapevine base. easy-peasy!

i think my next step is to buy some more berry-toned potted flowers for the front porch to tie in the wreath more. or maybe i'll paint our pumpkins in shades of pinks and berries this year...

how do you feel about chrysanthemums?
have you bought any for the fall yet?

are there any other options for fall flowers??

* mari


  1. Love the color splash! We have them in the front too, in both fall and (my favorite) purple-y color. :)

  2. The flower colors go great with the b&w pillows/patio decor. I have not bought my mums yet probably because 99% of the time I am under baby house arrest.

    1. ha, jennifer, i remember that feeling! soon enough, you'll be dashing out to errands in 30-min increments during snacktime. :D


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