Sep 24, 2013

going back in time...again...

since i started blogging nearly two years ago (whoa), i've evolved and now...finally...feel like i have settled into my style. when i initially created crab+fish, i chose colors, fonts, and graphics without paying attention to what i love most about my favorite blogs: simplicity. 

and so, it's been a looong process updating old posts one by one: re-editing pictures, reformatting text, and clarifying instructions. you can see the initial batch here. this is the second installment. 

first up is one of my earliest diy projects -- before we even moved into our first house! these fabric scrap flowers are super simple to make and are definitely pretty to look at. 
i want to make more of these flowers, but use twigs for the stems...

next up, a fancy trashcan achieved with a little bit of spraypaint:

speaking of gold, i updated my gilded lucy moosey's post as well...

...and instructions for the thrifty lightbox -- since lucy starred in it and all.

i ended up taking all new photos for K's my calming jar...i really think i need to include video of the falling glitter flakes though. so mesmerizing.

i re-edited the pictures for K's pint-sized construction site and provided an update for how it's held up as well.

i never expected K's washi tape geometric door to be such a big hit -- it was one of those things i just did on a whim. it has withstood the test of time too: over a year later, and it looks just as pristine as the day we taped it up.

one of my favorite redone posts: my scrap wood colored pencil organizer! the original pictures did not do it justice at all. 

last, another recycled fish-made project: our porch table made from an old bar stool.

...and that's it...for now!
thanks for going back in time with me. :)

* mari

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