Sep 14, 2013

chili cookoff invites

when we bought our first house, we unknowingly moved in to the kind of neighborhood that has block parties and cookoffs -- did we luck out or what?? 

we were new to the neighborhood last year and i'm pretty sure our assignment was to bring plastic cups to the block party. necessary, but bo-ring!

this year, due to the save the date cards i made for a neighbor, i drew a much better assignment: make the invitations for a chili cookoff!

with pleasure!

i was inspired by these adorable apron invitations on stamp like crazy:
since i had to make eighty of these babies, i simplified a few steps. my overall apron shape was not too labor-intensive to cut out. i used hot glue or double stick tape whenever possible.

i was too lazy for that brad business. i simply punched holes for my apron straps, threaded them through, then taped them on the back.

my spatula had a washi tape handle. i cut out a small rectangle of textured silver paper for the spatula surface.

i originally wanted the info card to stick out of the apron pocket like the inspiration, but i made the pocket too narrow. whomp, whomp. the cards would have had to be only 1.5" wide to fit into my pockets. aaand since i wanted neighbors to actually be able to read the info, i decided to instead make foldable 2" square cards, which i glued on the front of the apron.

all the party info on the inside of the card:

all in all, i'm super pleased with how these came out!

* mari

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  1. They are absolutely delightful. Love your invites. The spatulas are super cute! Love the ribbon!

  2. Adorable....love these! Now....to just pick a date and go with it!

    1. thanks, lynda! i believe the date was the last piece of info i had to wait on before printing the invitations out, haha!

  3. These are so adorable! I wish I were so crafty ...or ... had fun things like this to attend haha :)


    1. i don't even like chili, but it was lots of fun! i'll invite you next year, you can eat my share. :D


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