Sep 3, 2013

august in review


we were way laid back during the dog days of summer. 
really, i barely lifted a finger -- except to pack for our family vacation.

read on for more vacation pics!

in addition to niagara falls and all the touristy things it entails, we also stopped by toronto to check another baseball stadium off our bucket list!

i, sadly, did not spot even one hgtv host in toronto.

ah, well...K had a blast and he's old enough to retain memories so our trip wasn't a complete bust. :)

when we got back home, i was delighted to discover crab+fish had been featured several times around the internet...and by the end of the month, we'd amassed quite a few mentions! 
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we should go on vacation more often!

i was excited to dip my toes back into the DIY world and shared two "tiny" projects: newspaper save-the-date cards and mini polaroid magnets...

i also revisited our gilded moosecalming glitter jar, and colored pencil storage from scrap wood posts, updating photos and providing clearer information.

as for projects around the house, i told you about progress in the laundry room and our new picture window header-thing. both of these labor-intensive tasks were spearheaded by fish, by the way...

we added a couple of decor elements as well, including a gigantic fiddle leaf fig tree and K's new moon nightlight...

a few of my favorite august instagram pics:
((you can find me on instagram @meandering_mari...!))

...and, finally, we announced our big news!!
sigh, he already looks perfect to me!

what's coming up on crab+fish?

well, i'm still trying to deal with the fact that it's september. time to start gearing up for those super-crafty months that encompass halloween, thanksgiving, christmas...and all the associated school parties, of course.

did i learn my lesson from last year?
did i resist signing up to head a million bajillion preschool parties?
(see the halloween party, valentine's day party, and playdough recipe...)

YES. thank the Lord, YES.
i volunteered for...nothing.

selfish, i know.
but, i'm pregnant. i get a pass, right??

i'm sure i'll feel guilty and step up after the fiftieth email is sent out about still needing volunteers for the president's day party or toy cleaning duty. :)

* mari

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  1. Looks like a fab August and can you please share some of that motivation to go back and update photos w/ me? I need to do that for both my blog and shop but I have this problem where once I've moved on I have no interest in going back!! LOL

    1. it's pure embarrassment at how badly my photo-editing skills used to be! you don't need to re-edit any of your pictures. they're cohesive and well thought out.


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