Sep 12, 2013

a new dining table
(planning stages)

so. we need a dining table. this is our current situation: an eight-year-old dinette set from our apartment-living days.
click here for more info on the chandelier...

and of course i want fish to build the new dining table for us. he's quickly becoming known as the neighborhood handyman so he's got to keep his image up. ;)

the dining room is pretty small -- approximately 9.5' x 10' -- and is an often-used pathway between the sunroom and the kitchen.

i initially thought about a round table -- but i don't think there's enough space without making the kitchen-to-sunroom path completely awkward.

i would love an eight-seater square table, but there's definitely not room for that. pooh.

so we started browsing rectangular tables. our inspiration pictures are all very similar: we want a simple, rustic table -- i think i'll like the looks of it under our fancy shmancy chandelier.
1  |  2  |  3

at these prices, ranging from $800 to $1400, fish was more than willing to take on another construction project to save some bucks.

we started searching for plans and ended up -- where else? -- on ana white, where we found a few contenders:

1  |  2  |  3  |  4

aesthetically, i like the farmhouse table the best as long as the crossbar that runs across the bottom can be left off -- and it looks like it can.

we went to scope out wood options at lowe's...
 i am obviously the only one taking this seriously. ;)

however, by this point, fish has made quite a few pieces of furniture from dimensional lumber and i thought we should splurge on some nicer wood this time.

so instead, we fish investigated the table saws...
then left empty-handed.

we found a hardwood supplier a few towns over and decided to pay them a visit...just to see if the options were really all that better than the standard lumber carried at the big box stores.

so. many. options.

this was just one of maybe five or six aisles of different wood:
i wish i had taken my nice camera, but cell phone pics will have to suffice.

can you tell what a beautiful place this is??
look at those huge cuts of raw-edge wood!

the teak boards were beautiful -- and i also fell in love with zebrawood:

the problem with nice wood is...those boards are ex-pen-sive. just one plank of zebrawood in the length we'd need was around $80. times six or seven to form an eating surface and there's over $500 just for the tabletop.

might as well buy a table.

aaaaaand that's the dilemma. 

if we were to use dimensional lumber, it would probably cost under $200 for the whole table. 

decisions to make!
...and i haven't even started thinking about chairs...

* mari

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  1. Great! After you build yours you can then come build me a table! Funny you mention this subject matter considering our kitchen table has been my main obsession the past few weeks (we have an itty bitty bistro style table right now that I am wayyyy over)I have been dreaming up ideas of one I may attempt to build while also stalking Craig's List, as another option would be to find one to refurbish. Decisions, decisions....... Well, can't wait to see what you guys end up doing!

    1. i know the dilemma! the problem is i can't find the style of table i want on craigslist. people must be hoarding them........... luckily, fish is almost as inspired as me to cross projects off our to-do list before the baby gets here. :)

  2. Use the fancy wood! Even if it ends up costing the same money-wise, you will end up with something that means much more and may become a family heirloom.

    1. hi maureen! we decided to do a combo of nice wood as the tabletop and cheaper wood as the base -- i need to write another progress post, but i'm too lazy to take pictures! :)


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