Sep 26, 2013

a bit of rearranging

we did some front room furniture-shuffling over the weekend. and by we, i mean i directed and fish did all the heavy lifting. the new look was precipitated partly by nesting, but mostly because big figgy needs more sunlight. at least we think that's why he's been looking so glum.

when we initially brought the fig tree home, we placed him in the southeast corner of the room as so:

for the new configuration, we fish flipped the rug orientation and rearranged the couches and entry table. he also moved fig tree to the southwest corner, nearer to the windows. this is the new view coming down the stairs:

i like it. there's more of a defined entry area and it feels more like a room instead of a big open space with furniture plopped in it.

one semi-casualty is the large sofa. we somehow completely broke an already-broken foot -- it can no longer support anyone actually sitting on the couch. let me tell you what a great feeling it was when we discovered that fact as the sofa collapsed under this pregnant lady... :/

i say semi-casualty because i've been wanting to get new seating in the front room for a long time and now we have the perfect excuse! maybe we'll celebrate christmas with another new sofa.

the entry table before was along the west wall:

since we moved it behind the large sofa, there's now room for a putting-on-your-shoes chair:

i like this arrangement a LOT better. it doesn't look so cluttered yet hides the outlet. we have a convenient spot to put on our shoes (which are stored in the built-ins)and i no longer have to fret about what to hang over the table.


* mari


  1. Love the new arrangement! Like you said, it defines the living room as a living room... so cozy! It's still a ways away, but where do you plan on putting the Christmas tree?

    1. thanks mariela! I don't know where we're going to put our tree now. last year, it was perfect in the wide open expanse in front of the picture window. we might have to rearrange again just for Christmas! :)

  2. I like it! It's much more inviting this way & cozier.

  3. It definatley looks inviting and cozy and ummmm....I guess it was better that the couch broke under you versus a guest. I mean could you imagine being the person who goes to someones house, you sit down, and their whole couch breaks? LOL


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