Aug 3, 2013

progress in the laundry room

remember 17 years three months ago when i talked about our plans for the basement? fish has actually been getting a lot of work done down there -- so i figured it's high time for an update...even though it's not complete yet.

we decided to start with the laundry room. the first thing fish did was install new vinyl planks over the old cruddy vinyl tiles. we chose crisp and clean white flooring: allure vinyl planks in livorno onyx.

the process involved clearing out the room, removing the baseboards, deep-cleaning the old floor to get rid of as much grime as possible, then laying down the new planks. 

the planks are three tiles long.

it took two or three days to complete...
but what a difference the new floor makes!
it immediately brightened up the room...and just felt cleaner.

the next step was to cover the window that provided the oh-so-scenic view underneath the sunroom addition.
those are still the old floors in this pic, by the way.

we would have loved to completely drywall over that whole expanse, but we're trying to do things on the cheap down here. so instead, fish cut a large piece of plywood to cover the window -- then i painted the plywood and the yellow tiled wall white.

after painting...HUGE difference, right??
aaaah, WHITE!

fish was also able to switch the machines so the washer is on the left and the dryer is on the right -- hallelujah! that's why there's now a longer vent coming from the dryer that didn't exist before.

we decided to leave the old sink for now. the only thing we use it for is to wash paint brushes and we can't justify a new, pretty sink just for that. unfortunately, it was way too difficult to move the sink from between the washer and dryer so there it stays.

fish also built shelves on the existing cabinet to cover up the ugly pipes and wall behind -- and to provide additional storage.

he painted it all white, except for the doors. there, he made use of an oops! paint sample we already had on hand. he spraypainted the hardware copper.

here's a closer view of my new shelves. i already had the glass jars -- they now hold dry-cleaning cloths, dryer sheets, and borax. the faux flowers are from homegoods last spring.

the repurposed planter holds one-time use samples of all free and clear detergent (...which i get from a secret source)

i still need to paint the yellow walls and ceiling white. i'm also debating painting the furnace room door, though i'm not sure what color yet. any suggestions? or just leave it?
we need to buy a new vent since -- surprise, surprise -- the old one was painted over. blargle. then, we'll replace the baseboards.

i'm thinking about moving my big honkin' desk from my craftspace to the laundry room, where it can serve as a sewing table. we shall see.

on the other side of the room, by the harry potter closet... 
there used to be a full-size refrigerator in that spot, but we didn't make much use of it. plus, it blocked a lot of the light coming in from the window. so we had the electric company come haul it out. we plan to replace it with a freezer chest at some point in the future.

...and maybe a hospital-grade ice chewblet machine as well. i LOVE nugget ice and fish promised me a long time ago that when we had our own house, i could get a chewblet ice machine.

i don't think he counted on me remembering that promise.
i remember, fish.

* mari


  1. Love your blog and progress updates! We are just embarking on an even crazier reno and I love following yours x

    1. thanks so much Laura!! <3 our problem is we always have too many projects going on at the same time! :)


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