Aug 29, 2013

our house is falling apart.

can you imagine the queasy feeling in the pit of our stomachs when fish and i pulled up to our house...

...and saw this?

yep, that large piece of rotting wood is falling off our house -- and threatening our very expensive picture window.


if it was just me coming into this situation, i would have curled up into a ball and cried. luckily, fish is a lot less histrionic.

i guess, if we're completely honest, it's not a total shock. the header-thing (as i've come to call it) has been separating from our house since...well, it was already in dire straits when we saw it during inspection.

here's a picture i took at inspection to remind us to fix it asap.

buuuuuut, like a million bajillion other things we meant to take care of it since day one...it fell to the backburner. this really should be a lesson to us to line our chimney, seal our sunroom roof, and extend our gutters. you know, all those really interesting and exciting projects...

fish got straight to work tearing the header-thing down.

it involved a crowbar and...whatever this thing is:

stuffed in the crevices behind the header, fish found a whole lot of this:
uh, what now?? is that newspaper??!?!
is this normal??

i wish you could see his face. his expression says it all.

let me tell you:
it's very disconcerting to find newspaper in the structure of your house.

here's the rotting insides.....BLECH. GAG.

this was supposed to be fish's day off, by the way. instead he spent it drenched in sweat, saving our picture window.

naked window:
those empty brick spaces had wood blocks wedged into them, which allowed the header-thing to be nailed into wood instead of brick.

now, time (for fish) to rebuild the dang thing.
off we went to home depot:

we scouted out the decorative trim:

i we knew exactly what i we wanted -- and it was in stock. whoo!

the next day, it was time to paint.
this is the part when i got off my lazy butt (finally!) to paint the boards white.

...we-ellll, i did the first coat -- fish did the second and the topcoat. because he's awesome and doesn't make me participate in outdoor projects when the temperature is above 85deg.

next, fish assembled the random pieces above into one impressive unit.
yah, i don't have the details on that...

...and we recruited a couple of super-awesome neighbors (the same ones we still owe from moving the henredon chest upstairs) to hold the whole dang thing up while fish nail-gunned it into place over our windows.
Ladder Party at our house!

we still have to cover the nail holes and add some decorative cornice pieces to each end. 

that's the plan anyway. we haven't come across anything we love yet for the ends, but we feel it's at a presentable-enough stage that we can take our time finding the perfect finishing touches.

so it sits like this for now -- and our picture window is protected!

* mari

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  1. i would have burst into tears when i saw that! good thing you got it down and fixed right away!

  2. looks like a nice fix- now be real sweet to him all week for sweating on his day off!

    1. thanks kelly! i'm always sweet to him.... ;)

  3. A blessing in disguise! The decorative trim looks nice and lord knows why there was newspaper stuffed in there???

    1. thanks jennifer! i can't dwell on the newspaper or i start gagging...!

  4. It looks soooo good! I don't even know what I would have done ... probably called my dad crying hahaha.


  5. This is a cheap trick people do in woodwork: putting newspaper or any material that rots inside hollow hardwood to make things cheaper. It's infuriating, and I feel bad you guys encountered one that's literally exposed to the elements. That's why it's key to look out for such materials and to avoid them at all costs. Good luck!
    Tom Koval @ AffordableSeamlessGutters1.com


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