Aug 8, 2013

once in a new moon

well, the clear string of lights fizzled out.
...then all the blue lights on the colored strand stopped working.

so we were left with this:

whomp, whomp...

sure, i could have just replaced the strands in the glass block...but i used this as an opportunity to change it up a bit.

psst! i found it much cheaper on amazon.

once we received it in the mail, we loaded it up with batteries and mounted it on the wall...

...with 3M command strips. :)

the moon is controlled via remote, which we hung in K's doorframe:

it has ten or twelve phases you can cycle through:

...though K seems to prefer the full moon.

here are some nighttime pictures i snapped with my phone -- it puts out a decent amount of light without being too bright.

the only downside is that the light automatically shuts off after 20 minutes. about fifty percent of the time, K is still awake. we don't want to put the remote within his reach because then he'd be up all night playing with the light: full moon! half moon! quarter moon! no moon! quarter moon! half moon! full moon! etc...

but, overall, we're quite happy with his new moon nightlight.
curious about the pom pom garlands?

uncle milton seems to have quite a few nightlight options if any of your kids (or you) are astrology buffs. i am not affiliated with uncle milton in any way. :)

* mari

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