Aug 21, 2013

gettin' figgy with it

hi everyone! we're back from vacation and slowly -- slowly -- unpacking. in the meantime...

notice anything different?
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

ever since fiddle leaf figs started popping up in homes across the world, i was IN. LOVE. i love the big, broad leaves. i love their skinny little chicken-legs trunks. i love how flouncy they appear.

sadly, they are still quite uncommon around here. i scoured the big box stores for ages...since last year!...and never found even a small figgy. i finally lucked out at a local nursery last spring with our Baby Figgy.

see him there?

after months of health and growth, i (stupidly!) put Baby Fig on the porch for some outdoor time and sadly, he dropped all but two of his leaves. poor guy. he'll recover, right??

so. anyway. even though i've got Baby Figgy, i've still been searching for a full grown tree i could bring home and love with all of my heart. a couple weeks ago, at the same nursery i found our little guy, there stood...


and actually, not just one tree, but about eight or ten. i found the very best one -- a seven-footer -- and put him on hold. then i started maniacally calling/texting/emailing fish.

he agreed to go see it after work -- even though he didn't see the point since we wouldn't be bringing him home. sad face.

i hoped the fig's beauty would win him over.
and it did!

they packaged up our tree and a small man appeared out of nowhere to stuff him in our car. we were quite dubious he would be able to lift the tree.

oh. OH! okay!
what i want to know is...where do they store these giant rolls of kraft paper??

here's the tree jammed in my car:

and fish carrying him in...
please feel free to take a moment and admire the extensive roadmap i drew for K with sidewalk chalk... :)

we originally wanted him in the sunroom, but there's no way he's fitting behind our sectional. so, he ended up in the front room. we've got our eye on another plant for the sunroom now...

he still needs a pot. i'm waiting for end-of-summer clearance bargains.

i love him, of course -- but i think i need to pare down a bit. the room suddenly looks very busy to me. i already moved my suspended cityscape and succulents that were on the credenza to the glass-block windowsill in the dining room. 

see Baby Figgy jealously eyeing the new guy?

i'm debating painting the (still crooked from dusting) spirograph frames...maybe gold or white? the black frames seem too heavy. or maybe i need to take them down altogether and replace with one giant art piece. hmmm...

the room also seems very lopsided now. we need a bolder floor lamp, but i think it will be a while until we get one. priorities. blergh.

i moved my crazy-angled willow branches to the other side of the credenza, but in all honesty, i'll probably store them for now. they're just adding to the crazy hectic busy feeling.

despite all the changes that need to be made, my new favorite spot in the house is reading a book on our old sofa, under Big Figgy. sigh, happiness......

* mari

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  1. i love it! i have been wanting one but can't find one. and i have no idea where i would put it once i got it!

    1. thanks so much michelle! i would definitely check your local nurseries and greenhouses -- good luck!

  2. how long does it take to grow the small one? I just got a baby one!

    1. hi sarah, i bought it already small. i don't think they grow very quickly though. it seemed to stay about that size for almost a year!


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