Aug 27, 2013

and planning

a bit of personal news today...
our little family will soon be expanding!
...and it's another boy!

we're expecting our bundle of joy New Years Day 2014.

until we found out the sex, we were in a state of limbo. a girl would have forced me out of my craftspace and possibly into the basement...and i would have had to start planning a new nursery.

however, since we're having a boy, i get to keep my office and (once the baby is sleeping through the night) our two little guys will share a room.

remember K's current room?

here's a rough sketch of the floor plan:

our plan is to move this ikea expedit unit...

...against the wall under the loft bed:
we would move those two smaller bookcases elsewhere, not sure yet.

that would leave room for the new baby's crib against the chalk board wall, while still having a decent amount of playspace:

this would be the new layout:

the crib we have is mini-sized, from living with baby K in a studio.

the chalkboard wall wouldn't be utilized as much -- if ever -- since most of it will be covered up...but we're okay with that. small sacrifice. we'll leave it there for when the new baby is old enough to transition to a bed.

for the future, we're thinking about ((fish)) building a second twin-sized bed underneath the loft, effectively turning it into a bunkbed. that's a looooong way off though. :)

* mari

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  1. Ahhhhh! Congrats! So excited for you guys!

  2. That is such exciting news. Congratulations!!!

  3. Awwww yaaaayyyy!!!! Congratulations!!! :) :) :)

  4. congrats! yah! also where did you get that bed? I have twins and a baby hopefully soon on the way and need to maximize space and think a bunk style bed is the only option right now!

    1. thanks kelly! my husband made the bed -- you can find it under the 'made by fish' tab at the top! :)

  5. Do you know how many photo ops that chalkboard behind the crib will make for? It's a perfect spot for it even if it covers the bottom portion of the wall. I bet K is excited about his new roommate! Congrats again. Super excited for you mama!

    1. oooooh, you're right jennifer! good idea -- thank you!

  6. Congrats (again)! I can't wait to see this baby and the cool things you do with the boys' room :)



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