Jul 30, 2013

wonky screen door

we've needed a new screen door ever since we moved in...badly. the ill-fitting screen was taped into the doorframe by the previous owners and it had a tendency to become unstuck no matter what kind of tape we used to re-secure it.

attractive, isn't it?

flies were sneaking in every which way.
and it only got worse as the weather turned warmer. 

it turned into an emergency situation.

however, we quickly discovered we couldn't buy just a screen. we had to buy a whole new storm door. aaaand our door width was smack in the middle of the two standard sizes so had to be special ordered. oy.

a couple weeks later:

i was encouraged by this:

we decided to get another full-lite door because one day...sometime in the future...if/when we buy a new more-our-style front door...i don't want its beauty to be blocked by a half-lite storm door.

...and K is pretty well-trained by now not to push on the screen when opening the door. so we felt confident this new full-lite door wouldn't go straight to pot in another year.

by the way, K made good use of the box in the sweltering heat:

back to the project.
first things first: we fish popped out the screen...

...and took off the actual door:

you know how this story goes.

it was hot.
i was tired.
i headed in for a nap while fish handled the situation.

hours later, i woke up -- and like magic
(otherwise known as a determined husband):
look at all those flies trying to find a way in. HA.

difference in hardware:

overall, a small improvement -- but an improvement nonetheless. :)

* mari

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  1. Every little improvement counts, right? I like the hardware on it too.

    1. i like to think so, boring though it may be! :)

  2. That's a small improvement that should make a big difference. One, no more pesky bugs sneaking in. Two, you can open your door when the weather's nice and enjoy. Good job, Fish!


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